Friday, February 6, 2009

Stolen Geekhouse Alert

Now who would steal a custom bike looking like that? 
Someone just did, at Oxford Exeter College, of all places. 

Bike thieves should be Killed By Death. 


Anonymous said...

"Stolen from oxford college (exeter)" not oxford university.

Jussi said...

sorry, my bad. corrected now.

tiny said...

Uh... I know it was said on the London site but why the f*ck would you leave your custom fixed gear unlocked on a college campus, even if it is under a security camera's "watchful" eye (read: no one is monitoring that footage)???

Ok... admittedly I left my bike unlocked in a university garage... but my bike looks like crap and no one goes down there.

It's called freelocking (wheel to frame)... it won't guarantee your bike will be there but it'll certainly slow a thief down.

Still... obviously it sucks and I feel the owner's pain... I hope he gets it back soon!!! That and works out his other problems... now that's a terrible horrible no-good very-bad day!

Moving to Australia would be entirely understandable.

tiny said...

Ok fine I admit it... the poor guy knows he should've used a lock.

I hope he finds his wacky-painted bike!

How many Geekhouse bikes are there in the UK anyway?

I'd think it would stand out.