Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ciöcc Mockba 80 Pista Reissue

Whoa! Props to John Prolly for spotting this:

is reissuing the Mockba 80 Pista, a real old school classic lugged steel track bike and it looks GOOD! I'm stoked. And why hasn't any other Italian bike brand managed to get something as simple as this done before? Just a make a track bike like you used to do back in the days. No brakehole drillings, TIG welding, wacky compact geometry, ugly techno decals or other bullshit like that.

In fact, I don't know if this is a 'real' reissue or they just decided to build a bike like they used to do but who cares if it looks this nice. Columbus tubing, flat crown fork, Miche Xpress gruppo, San Marco Rolls saddle and so on. And the 999USD price is not bad at all.

Check out the specs in the 'Vintage' section of the CIÖCC Italy website.


tiny said...

Aelle maybe?

I forget if they still make Aelle.

Apparently the Ciöcc name was sold in the early 90s.

Intriguing anyway.

Jussi said...

FYI: my italian connection just informed me that 'ciocc' is a dialect word from northern italy, where my friend comes from, and means '(to be) drunk'. so now you know.

Anonymous said...

999 euro for frame only, but only maybe ciöcc did not know about this... there was a misunderstanding between usa and italia