Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Messenger in New York City'

So they ride tricktrack bikes now? Makes sense, kind of.

Mallets of Doom

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cinelli Laser Pista To Be Reissued

"Today thanks to the rebirth of steel and people like yourselves, a dream is about to be realised: the Cinelli Laser will return. Not just as a museum display, but as a track machine; rigid and lively, more so even than its predecessor 20 years ago. All the original protagonists are ready and motivated; Andrea Pesenti who built 300 throughout the 1980’s, myself Antonio Colombo who thought them up, Paolo Erzegovesi who engineered them, and Emilvano Montorio who pulled out the tubes. New in the band will be Alessandra Cusatelli, my partner, and Cinelli design co-ordinator of the last 10 years. As always, it will only be available in limited editions. The kids are alright!”

Only 300 frames will be made. I really wonder what they will cost.

From Bikerumor via Hipster Nascar. 

Massan - For Leader Bikes! Take #2

Massan for Leader Bikes from Brandon Finks Video/Animation on Vimeo.

Holy smoking sneaker, Batman!

Via Prolly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Columbus Air

Totally random association, I know, but it's still bit early in the morning. Seen?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Somec Tandem Pista

Currently for sale in Velospace and the seller claims it belonged to the West Germany's track cycling team way back in the day. But is this the same as that other one?

Box of Hubs

No, not mine. Just a lovely photo.

ALL GREY Opening Wed June 23rd

Right, bit more info on the clip I already posted earlier today. There's also a Facebook page.

"Wednesday, the 23rd of June.

Come and celebrate the opening of All Grey - distilled concepts for culture. At the newly renovated showroom we present you the a collaborative product from the creative minds behind Pelago Bicycles and Grey Market, the focus concentrating on the awaited bicycle named aptly, 'The Supplier'.

‘The Supplier' will be introduced to the public along with an oven fresh summer line from Grey Market and new bike models from Pelago Bicycles, both local brands hailing from the city Helsinki.

To top things off we have the pleasure to serve you food straight from the beautiful Finnish archipelago, more exactly the island of Iso-Vasikkasaari and it's Gula Villan Restaurant. Drinks won’t be forgotten either and we’ll keep it clear and classic.

You are ALL warmheartedly welcome to enjoy our new space, the craft and design in it along with the warm atmosphere.

ALLGREY - Pelago Bicycles - Grey Market - Gula Villan Restaurant"

Grey Market "Delivered" from riku robert on Vimeo.

CMWC 2010 - Panajachel, Guatemala

CMWC Guatemala from Lucas on Vimeo.

Read more here and wonder...

Major Taylor Movie Trailer

See more here.

Grey Market X Pelago "Delivered"

Grey Market "Delivered" from riku robert on Vimeo.

The Grey Market X Pelago collabo bike is almost here. Note that it will come with a coaster brake, though.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Berghäll's Hottest Boyz!

Bike Polo? Old News // Helsinki 1906

Via Cycling 'n' Sh*t:

"I found an old bike polo pic in a book from 1906, Idrotten i Finlad (Sports in Finland) by Ivar Wilskman. The picture shows a game of polo in the Kaisaniemi park in Helsinki (Helsingfors Velocipedklubb)."

Talking about the tradition!


Kinfolk - Nike "Tied Together" Relay Race Bike Doc (Nike Stadium Version) from frantic studio on Vimeo.

Lawnmower Bike


Friday, June 18, 2010

Lucas Brubelle: Line Of Sight

F**K YeAH!

Grey Market x Pelago Collabo

"For this limited edition of bicycles we applied track ends to a roadster and dropped the steel into a zinc pot. We equipped the bike with coaster brake and 42 mm puncture protected tires. The result is a solid and simplified bicycle for the cobbled downtown streets. The project cherishes our skateboard background and honours Grey Market for their contribution to street culture.”

Production batch number one is a limited edition of 25 pieces available exclusively through Pelago and Grey Market Supply. Full assembly available in three sizes 53, 57 and 61 during early June."

The Step To The Dark Side

Yeah, I've done it, even if I might have said something completely else in the past. Certain 'Tricks rider in Finland" applied his magical salesman skills and made me an offer I couldn't turn down. And everyone needs a polo bike anyway, right? Mad props and big thanks to KRNKY for hooking me up with their kick ass pedal straps. I'm still waiting for the mailman to bring me some new fatter tires and whatnot but a new bike is always nice thing to have.

Jesse too the photo and here's whole set more of them.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


While I'm still on the subject of large chainrings, new gearing on Ilkka's Pista looks the biznizz.

The Biggest Campy Pista Chainring You Ever Saw

Vintage NOS 35 teeth 1 inch pitch Campagnolo Pista chainring, in the pic next to a 52t normal one. Probably meant to be used on a stayer track bike. It's on Ebay at the moment and I know someone who will blow his wad when he sees this...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Global Gutz 10 -> Helsinki!

Yes. In addition to Helsinki, here in Finland also Tampere and Turku will race next Saturday.

Bike Thieves

CCTV pics of two assholes stealing the bike below (or probably actually both the bikes they're walking) in the middle of the day last Friday in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. Let's hope they trade those bikes to some dirty polish speed with and go blind or something.

Radball. But Not Really.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mmmmmmm. Beef...

NDS Fail

Polo Girl

Agata via

Blog Highlight Of The Day: Le Prince

Jonas' new-ish Le Prince Blog is straight-up lovely. Fun stuff & good times, I'm diggin' the 'greisibailu' vibe. Also, yours truly can be seen in several photos there already. Not saying more, though. ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bicycle Film Festival 2010 Trailer

Check out the BFF site here for infos and whatnot.

Brewster Ride

Brewster Ride from cycleangelo on Vimeo.

Seems like a fun ride. I myself would probably ride geared since I dig my 'nago so much, and I'm lazy like that.

Via Prolly. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Congo // City Grounds

Congo from City Grounds on Vimeo.

Sofus Francisco Double Straps

All right, everybody loves all kinds of double tricktrack straps for flat BMX type pedals nowadays. However, exactly for this reason it's nice to discover that some people still got love for riding old school track bikes with clips and double straps. I do too.

If you're part of our gang, you might wanna check out these sweet Sofus Francisco Double Straps:

"Strong 3 mm. double leather straps. Made for track and road bikes. Handcrafted and designed in Denmark."

Available from webstore.

Adidas Wake Up!

In the midst of a certain online debate about cycling shoes, someone brought up the Adidas Copa Mundial football shoes pictured above to prove that good sport kit does not necessarily always look butt-ugly. But most often it does. I agree with this. Who the f** wants to wear some silver/white/blue/purple/red shoes anyway? And for the record, I don't understand road cyclists who wear full team kit, either.

So now, Adidas please! Take the simple and classic style of those Copa Mundials and make them into SPD cycling shoes and lots of people will love you forever. Seriously.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Aaaand new tees are here!

The eagle has landed. Finally. Nice!

'Coast No Coast' Documentary

Coast No Coast - Quote edit from Brock Mitchell on Vimeo.

"Coast No Coast is a new documentary that will cover the 2200 kilometer journey from Vancouver to Mexico on fixed gears."

Wait, so they're gonna ride down from Vancouver all the way to Mexico on a tricktrack bike wearing casual urban clothing? Not wanting to be a hater or anything byt that sounds damn epic for sure, just maybe for wrong reasons. I wish them all the luck!

Via Prolly again.

W-Base Presents: Coast to Coast


WBASE boys got the good 'ish. Diggin' this!

Fixed: A Film for H by Harris

"British accessory designer, Harris Elliot tapped film maker Manny Bonett to produce this film for a new H by Harris collection called Manouevre, based on “the fixed gear individual. Men and women whose lifestyle is on the edge.” The line will be stocked in premier retail outlets such as DSM and Browns, Harris saw it fit to celebrate his first year of trading with a short web film. Enjoy!"

Via Prolly.

Helkama Starts Manufacturing Jopo Bikes In Finland Again

News of the day: manufacturing of the Jopo, the most classic and loved Finnish single speed bike, will be brought back to the original site in Hanko, Finland from Taiwan. Even the steel used in the frame will be sourced from the Finnish Rautaruukki mills from now on. Bite it, globalization! Too bad the modern re-designed version is ugly as sin.

Also, one of the reasons for this move is, and I quote the Helkama Velox CEO Mr. Jarmo Elamo: "... the need to able to react quickly enough to the changing color trends in the market." All right. Great news nonetheless.

Here's little something I've written about Jopo bikes long time ago:

"Everyone in Finland knows Jopo -bikes because between 1964 and 1975 Helkama company manufactured over 250 000 of them in their factory in Hanko in southwestern Finland. They also manufactured fridges and other stuff but Jopos were always their #1 product.

The name Jopo stands for an abbreviation of 'JOkaisen POlkupyörä', meaning 'EVerybody's BIcycle', and in a this size country basically everyone and their grandmother had one of those. The design of the bike stayed almost the same until the manufacturing stopped in 1975 and today the classic Jopo is considered a modern Finnish industrial design classic.

In fact there were several models besides the standard one, there was an official orange mailman version used by all the mailmen of The Post of Finland, there was Jopo Rodeo, an extra rare chopper-style model, small kiddie-size Jopo called 'Joponen' and larger-sized Iso Jopo, a foldable Jopo Mobil, a Jopomatic with gears and a super rare early bmx-style Jopo Cross. They even had an exercise model for the gym.

The main selling point was that they were affordable, good quality, durable and good to ride. Then of course Jopos became somewhat trendy some years ago and soon after that Helkama company who owns the brand name released a modernized new Jopo, which, just like the new VW Beetle, sucks. On the other hand it has never been difficult to find an old Jopo in Finland even if people are nowadays trying to ask for really outrageous prices for them."