Saturday, April 28, 2012


Konga on the footsteps of Olli Erkkilä. And the result here looks in fact bit like a certain old Cannondale, doesn't it?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


HS 26.4.2012:

"Helsingin rautatieaseman kupeessa pyöräilijöitä palvellut ilmapumppu on päätetty poistaa siihen kohdistuneen jatkuvan ilkivallan vuoksi."

SJT Fixed Minivelo

Santtu's winter project finalized. Fixed minivelo.

Non Stop Energy

Via Keirin Berlin.

"Trendikkäänäkin pidetty kiinteävälitteinen kaupunkipyörä"

Mutta samalla myös "Todellinen polkupyörän karvalakkimalli". 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Merckx Pista

Lots of people seem to have a thing for Merckx. I've never really understood this but then again I've never owned one either.

Anyhow, Miglos' nice and probably somewhat rare aluminum Merckx Pista from late 1990s (~ish, maybe?) is now available, preferably to be traded towards a nice NJS-frameset.


Wood Bicycle

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boycott Addison Lee

via LFGSS News:

"You may have read this week about how John Griffin, the owner of Addison Lee, started the week off by instructing his drivers to ignore road laws by driving in the bus lane. As if that wasn't enough of a risk to cyclists by encouraging all minicabs to encroach on one of the few spaces in which cyclists feel safe, he ended the week by denying cyclists the right to wobble, claiming SMIDSY ("Sorry mate, I didn't see you!") is a defence once you've hit a cyclist and then rolled out the tired line about cyclists not paying road tax.

The Times have a great article pulling apart the latter statement, but the fact remains that John Griffin and Addison Lee are greatly increasing the risk to cyclists by ignoring road laws and denying their part in being responsible road users.

John Griffin has been trying to deflect the outrage to his statements back onto cyclists, calling for cyclists to take training and "pay up", rather than looking at his own actions which is the issue at hand.
LFGSS call upon all cyclists to:
  • Boycott Addison Lee immediately.
  • To petition their employers to close any accounts with Addison Lee.
The latter is to ensure companies are not complicit in encouraging Addison Lee drivers to flaunt road laws and increase the risk to cyclists and other road users. Many companies have compliance and ethics positions that should allow you as an employee to have Addison Lee taken off the books because of their disregard for laws and the safety of others.
This boycott should run until such a time that John Griffin makes a statement, on behalf of Addison Lee, in which he commits Addison Lee to fully respect all road laws and other road users.

Such a position will obviously immediately reverse the instruction to enter bus lanes that he gave to his drivers.

In addition to the boycott you may also wish to:
And on Monday there is a demonstration happening outside Addison Lee offices at 6pm."

Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012


"I Think the Devil Does it."

Randomness to the max via Keirin Berlin.

Kiitos Manninen.

Feather Cycles Loveliness

This is so nice. Want. Geared yes, but those sliding dropouts makes this fixed/ss convertible as well. Check out that cable routing too.

By Feather Cycles.

Macaframa, now with Gears

So, now Macaframa is doing videos with guys mashing around urban areas on road bikes? Nice, but somehow I don't quite get this. Are they like "So over those fixie skidder-bieks now, bro!"


Right, here's the article explaining the video (for me):

Tallinn Bicycle Week 2012

Tallinn Bicycle Week 2012, more info coming soon here:

Last year was much fun, so mark this down on your calendars already.

McGyver Style ITA -> BSA BB Adapter, anyone?

Ever wondered how to fit a BSA BB into a ITA BB shell? Someone decided to use Plastic Padding Liquid Metal or some other similar stuff and apparently actually made it work. Experimental bike DIY fo'sho but I wouldn't recommend this.

Pic stolen from Lumikko.

Bicycle Film Festival 2012

You got like three days left to submit your movies so hurry up now!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kent Peterson on Commuting by Bike

"This is unpretentious, down to earth biking.
What a refreshing contrast with fixie fadism,
which is all about posturing and image.
Keep on trucking."

Cyclists Attacked by Israeli Army

"Palestinian and international cyclists were brutally attacked by the Israeli occupation forces on Saturday as they attempted to bike up Route 90, the main North-South highway running through the Jordan Valley. The cyclists were demonstrating against Israeli apartheid policies in the Jordan Valley, which limit Palestinian access to roadways as part of an ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous Bedouin communities of the Valley." 

For more information visit International Solidarity Movement at:

Via Urban Velo

Monday, April 16, 2012

QUICK! In Before...

... Prolly posts it.

K1M's notorious LOW, finally ready for the mean streets of HELLsinky.

See the whole Flickr set here, homie's photography is top notch, as always.

New Pelago Bicycles Shop Open

Pelago Bicycles in FB.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

1v4v Sellutehtaan varjossa // Oulu 19.-20.5.2012

"Yksivaihdesynttäreiden viralliset epäviralliset varjobileet Oulussa 19.-20.5.2012

Ajoista, paikoista ja muutoksista tiedotetaan täällä, mutta ohjelma toistaiseksi:

 19.5.2011 Ällärit /  Goldsprints / Sauna
 20.5.2011 Poolot / Letka / Piknik

Facebookissa lisää. "

One Track Mind

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Track Goodies @48x17 Cycles

Many things in Greece might be pretty f**ked up right now but the 48x17 Cycles shop has some über-rare and super hot goodies available at the moment:

NOS Rossin Pista frameset in size 55cm and two used Look Piste aluminum framesets, sizes 55 and 57 available.

I don't know whether they're willing to ship abroad but asking costs nothing, right?

Le Sarko

OT fo'sho but whatever.

Message to all my French friends out there: despite the fact that he rides a bike and dresses in all black while at it, do NOT vote for a guy who goes road cycling on a modern bike with clips and straps. Ok?

Mini Randonneur


Kiitos STT, kiitos Marlon.


Oldie but goldie. And for all the laydeez out there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Åffinity Kissena 125/250

Full Flickr -photoset here, taken by the infamous Mr. Kim.

Rossin Performance EL

Zigura's bike, Zigura's photos. Looked much different previously he found it, see below.

Fixed "BMX" Frankenbike

n187 posted his fixed BMX on the comments section of one of my old posts about similar project.

He says: "The bicycle is absolutly insane to ride. Very uncomfortable, but attractive." and I believe him.