Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Velocity Deep Vs From Interbike 2008

Pretty scary, and there's more, much more here, unfortunately. 

Dia-Compe Gran Compe Shot Brake Lever.

I blogged about the new fancy Dia-Compe Gran Compe Shot brake lever already sometime ago when Rene had some for sale directly from Japan but here's new picture and according to Soma the price in States (and probably in Ebay too) will be about 70 bucks. So, not very cheap.  

Monday, September 29, 2008

Some 2009 Complete Fixed Gear Bikes.

Here's a random bunch of different big bike brand's new 2009 track / fixed gear / single speed bike models in no particular order for your enjoyment. Or for your horror. I've nothing to say about these. Except that none of these companies are getting any of my hard-earned money. 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fixed Gear SUV, anyone?

Olli did it again. First this, among many other things, and now this 'Hummer of fixed gear bikes'. Yes, it's fixed. Just look at the pictures (and here's lots more). Mad props to the man. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

So Pharrell, 'are gonna backpedal that like a track bike?'

Cinelli X MASH SF

So here it is finally, fresh from Interbike 2008 Las Vegas, Cinelli X MASH SF collabo bike. There were rumours a while ago but I must say that the bike looks way better than I expected. Gotta love the classic Cinelli crest logo, the forward sloping top tube, no holes for brakes, H Plus Son Formation Face aero-rims & the all-black Campy gruppo. Bullhorns and Vittoria Randonneurs are apparently also a must. And note the low flange front hub. I'm personally not so much into the yellow Live Strong bracelet on the front hub but whatever, the MASH SF guys are friends with Lance

Anyhow, something tells me that the bike won't be very affordable, if some Hypebeast among you wanted to get one. It's not available anywhere yet anyway. 

How To Grease Your Chain - The Keirin Style

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cruising Fixed In Helsinki

Fixed wednesday in Helsinki from Eki on Vimeo.

Please note, this video is NOT an advertisement for Chrome Messenger bags, mmmkay? 

Instead it's yours truly and the boys cruising at hyper-speed around the Helsinki downtown on the way to the Yksivaihde.net Tricks & Beers session yesterday

Eki DIY helmet-cam shot and edited the video for some project of his. Very lovely. 

Helsinki Fixed Gear Wednesday Tricks & Beers #18

Last night was already 18th Fiksikeskarit, and this time with probably more people than ever, due to the nice warm weather most likely. 

What else? The first HED.3 front wheel was seen, and the official First & Most Legendary Aerospoke of Finland(c) did a comeback too. Many rounds of Foot Down, one super-stuck cog that wouldn't budge, not even with the longest extension on the wrench ever seen. Beers.   

And my special shout-out goes to Make, the mysterious yet very generous & friendly plumber from Merihaka we met at the bar later last night. No photos of him, though. 

(Pics by SanttuT, thanks!) 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vintage Finnish Track Bike: Peto

Ok, I'm from Finland and while our country is not known for its glorious cycling history by any means, we do have one very beautiful Velodrome, in Helsinki and built for the 1952 Olymic Games. In addition to that there's been at least one Finnish bicycle company/brand making track bikes. Long long time ago. 

Check out the pics above & below for a vintage Finnish Peto track bike. The brand does not exist anymore, the name 'Peto' stands for 'Beast' (for real!) and the bike is probably from 1950s, I guess?  

You can see it at the Velomania exhibition in Vapriikki Museum Centre, Tampere, if you're really interested. 

In fact, I do remember reading somewhere that Tunturi, one of the oldest and largest Finnish bicycle manufacturers, did build the bikes for the Finnish (rather unsuccesful...) track cycling team of the 1952 olympic games but I've never seen any pics of them. 

(Pics by MrVelo, thanks!) 

Bianchi USA 2009 Line-Up

Is here.  And this year the Pista seems to come with flat bar, and no foot-retention whatsoever. Ok, the old one with drop bars & no brakes is still there too. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ghettoblaster Race 27.9.2008: Into The Unknown...

Next Saturday. Gettin' excited already. Race into the great unknown - the East Helsinki... 

Laurent Fignon's Dream Machine

Since I started posting all these freaky/stupid bikes, let's just flow with it for a bit now. 

$110,000 Swarovski Gold-Plated Track Bike

More stupid/crazy bikes. 

Hey, it's Limited Edition and it only costs something like $110,000, and that already includes Worldwide shipping. But why did they drill the fork? Anyway, is Kanye already getting one?

But what about all the starving children in developing countries and all that boring stuff?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Will Do Anything For Barspinzzz

Yeah, it is a DIY headtube-extender type of thing someone did somewhere. Nice.


This came from here, click!

Pedal Mafia ID Fun & Games.

I don't know if the Pedal Mafia ID tool is new or old but it sure is FUN. Just look at my epic dream bike above I conjured up with it. 

No, just kidding. This is more like it:

Williamsburg Bullhorns?

(Pic came from here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

All White Vittoria Randonneurs

I don't really get why lots of people are really into white tires. Usually they don't look so nice after the first ride but whatever. 

All white Vittoria Randonneurs (700x28) are apparently now available in Japan. 

Friday, September 19, 2008

MASH SF Boys In Texas w/ Lance Armstrong

I just discovered that my humble blog is listed on the links page of the MASH SF website. I must say I'm pretty stoked about that. Thanks! 

In order to celebrate this occasion, click here to see a fun video of the MASH SF crew riding in Austin, Texas, with Lance Armstrong himself. And if you watch the video until the very end, after the credits you'll see Lance learning to skid. For real. 

And to top this all off, here's the real party soundtrack for you:

Oh Snap!

Remember this? Yes, it's John Prolly and his bike again. 

(Pic found at 3Bancho

Yksivaihde.net Special Fixed Gear Beer Tap

Like Flavor Flav would probably say: 'Yea, boieeee!

Here's us yksivaihde.net boys' concept of a very special beer tap to be built for our Xmas Party 2008, as designed by our metal-bending DIY guru extraordinaire ChopperOlli.

It's a beauty and I'm feeling thirsty already! 

Only thing is that the tap would NOT be flowing with Beck's Beer nor Carlsberg if it really existed, that's for sure. No but wait, knowing Olli, it's that actually a picture of a real tap he already built? 

Scotty Cranmer Rules.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Cycling Trend Emerging?

I smell something burning. Because that is so hot. 
Soon we will all be riding bikes likes those... 

No, but seriously, what is this, like a Monthy Python joke or what?

Man on bike killed in S.F.'s Richmond District

"SAN FRANCISCO -- Jordan McCay was just trying to get back home in San Francisco after a long day at work in Berkeley and an evening seeing off a friend traveling to Asia.

The 23-year-old went from his job at a film production outfit in Berkeley on Tuesday night to say good-bye to a friend in Oakland who was leaving for Asia the next day. McCay boarded BART to San Francisco, then pedaled his bicycle across town to the Richmond District by early Wednesday.

In that normally peaceful neighborhood - just two blocks from his home - he was confronted by two men on the street. After an argument, someone shot and killed him at 1:40 a.m. near the corner of 15th Avenue and Cabrillo Street, police said.

"He was coming home, coming down the street - we really don't know what happened," said Lt. Mike Stasko of the San Francisco homicide detail.

The killer left behind the victim's bike - worth as much of $1,000 - and his backpack. "Everything was still there," Stasko said."

I'm personally all against firearms or any kind of violence for that matter but some people might disagree with me here, as in the picture above... 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cinelli Laser Track Bike.

* * * 

Cinelli "LASER" - legend 80'S. Condition: excellent +.

Complete include:
frame&fork - Cinelli, vintage "LASER ", steel, tube - COLUMBUS, serial number - 8;
bottom brake - Campagnolo, material cap - steel, thread - italian (36x24);
front wheel - disk carbon for road, paint. Made by Gipiemme, for COLNAGO, 650C, tubular. 
Rerear wheel - disk carbon, paint. Pista, 700C, tubular. 
crankset - Campagnolo C-Record, PISTA, 165 mm, chainset - 48T ;
stem - ITM, light alloy, 130 mm;
handlebar - ttt (3t), light alloy;
saddle - Selle San Marco ERA, for COLNAGO.
seatpost - 27.2 mm, light alloy, brand - no name.
Seat tube center BB to top - 55,5 cm.
Top tube cent to cent. - 52 cm.
Head tube – 100 mm, 1 inch.

* * * 

Full picture set here. Oh my.  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alien Track Frameset GROUP BUY!

Right, I've been posting stuff about those Alien frames here and I agree they do look pretty decent, especially for the price. It's lugged with proper forged Long-Shen lugs, the tubing is supposed to be ok (double butted Cro-Mo) and the geometry is nice and tight, the way it should be. 

Well, this where it gets even better:

Jamal from the bikeforums has helped to set up a special 2009 BFSSFG group buy of the Alien frames with a very nice price, 300 USD + shipping, international shipping is also available. Only two colors (or unpainted) available, otherwise it's just like the regular frame they sell, only 185 USD cheaper than normal price

Note that the closing date is September 30th, OR when the 100 frames available are all reserved. So make up your mind now.