Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vintage Finnish Track Bike: Peto

Ok, I'm from Finland and while our country is not known for its glorious cycling history by any means, we do have one very beautiful Velodrome, in Helsinki and built for the 1952 Olymic Games. In addition to that there's been at least one Finnish bicycle company/brand making track bikes. Long long time ago. 

Check out the pics above & below for a vintage Finnish Peto track bike. The brand does not exist anymore, the name 'Peto' stands for 'Beast' (for real!) and the bike is probably from 1950s, I guess?  

You can see it at the Velomania exhibition in Vapriikki Museum Centre, Tampere, if you're really interested. 

In fact, I do remember reading somewhere that Tunturi, one of the oldest and largest Finnish bicycle manufacturers, did build the bikes for the Finnish (rather unsuccesful...) track cycling team of the 1952 olympic games but I've never seen any pics of them. 

(Pics by MrVelo, thanks!) 

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Bu Ren Don Buri said...

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