Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen Diamant Bahnrahmen.

My Diamant track frame has a new home now. Bye bye. 

PS. That red vintage un-drilled steel Raleigh double crown track fork is still for sale... 


Anonymous said...

FYI, Diamant is rollin' again.

mace said...

Tell me, how is that Diamant? I know a store in Germany that is selling some, and i've been intending to swap my 58cm Raleigh Rialto road-conversion for a smaller, possibly track frame. A 54cm frame is what i have in mind. The Raleigh is good, but too large and also bent to the left a bit.

The shop charges 250€ for the frames, plus shipping :( Quite a reasonable price, considering they are in decent shape and bying things from shops is always shit-expensive.