Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"Oltiin FIXIEMANIN kanssa skiddaamasa tannoin ihan yyberisti. Eka vedettiin lähikahvilassa TUPLAdoppiot ja RED BULLIA iha vitust. FIXIEMANIN pupillit alkoivat LAAJETA ja sit aloitettiin.
Todellakin oltiin saatu LBS:stä testiin SKIDAUSKUMEJA.
Hoyo oli testaamassa iha muita KUMEJA just sillon jollain naisten MAANTIEJOUKKUEELLA.
Vittu nii vedettiin VIIVAA ASVALTTIIN gatoreilla, kun joku NOOBI tuli siihen jotai kyselee. Se horisi jostain SKIDPATCHEISTA ja välityksistä mulle, kun FIXIEMAN vetäs ihan SAIRAAN COWAN leg-over-skidin ARMADILLOILLA siihen paikalle, otti huikan RED BULLIA ja totes: vittu alkuluvut.
Sillä SKENENOOBILLA meni nuuska väärään huuleen kun FIXIEMAN täräytti totuuksia. Se jäi siihen jotain änkyttämään, kun jatkettiin MUUSHAAMISTA.
Voin muuten sanoa, että olit kumit aika RUVELLA ja VITTU KANKAILLA kun lopetettiin. Ei ykskään rengas KESTÄNY meidän KÄSITTELYÄ tarpeeks. Onneks FIXIEMAN osaa puhua LBS:n jakoavainAPINOILTA renkaita meille käyttöön. Aina ne jaksaa lässyttää jostain jarruista, MUT SE EI OO TRUEEE.
Br4keless 4 lyfe!! Ihavitun LEKENTAARISTA!"

Splitting Finland - Snapshots from the road

Some random photos stolen from Splitting Finland FB page, after three first days out of the planned two weeks' 1600km trip. Godspeed, dudes!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Splitting Finland. In Half. By bike.

"Splitting Finland for a good cause! 8 wheels, 4 guys, 2 weeks and about 1 600km.

"Its pretty complicated to explain "why", but maybe there was some betting a year ago. Maybe not. Anyway there were no losers, but the idea of biking thru our homeland with great friends was too good to bury. So I guess it was 1st of May when Heppu and Tuukka (Andreas) called from Portugal and tell me that the journey is on, and I have to participate. Due the special "date" (whole Helsinki is one big party on that day), I have to admit that I don't remember saying "yes", "no" or much about the call in general. There was a plan to practice during the summer, to do lot of cycling and getting shape. By the mid July it was clear, that it was just a plan and there won't be any cycling or getting physically ready for this event. Beer and happy times with friends, no sweating on the saddle. It makes sense now :)

At some point Tuukka hooked Osku to join our journey, he is a bad ass bicycle guy, so he is like an insurance for us. Its good to have a guy onboard who actually knows something about cycling and bikes. He is also a video man, so there will be some film coming up after the trip, about the trip.

Thanks to Mr. Jasper Pääkkönen there is also a greater mission than just a friendship and getting some time off from working. Jasper hooked us up with the WWF and now we are cycling for the Baltic Sea!!! Thats cool I think! It will also make sure that we push and pull harder to get to the finish line. Basically it works like this; you can support our trip by donating a penny or two for WWF bank account: OP 578007-130581 Then write to message field "Your Name / Splitting Finland". After the trip we will publish the total amount and names of the people who donated in our blog and here!

Thats about it... We haven't planned this trip too much, but one things is sure; without Pelago and Hyppönen brothers we would not have bikes to ride. Timo and Mikko made this possible! Also a Sports Tracker will make sure that we will find the Nuorgam at some point. Plus thanks to Makia Clothing we will look fabulous when that happens!

Feeling weird. A bit scary to be honest. But its gonna be good. Its gonna be beautiful. Cheers!" - Juha"

In Facebook: Splitting Finland

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Printing Titanium Bicycle Parts

"The future now.

 Working in partnership with EADS in Bristol, UK bike brand Charge Bikes have developed the first ever production printed Titanium bicycle parts and are producing a very limited run of 50 Ti Freezer disk specific Cyclocross frames with a revolutionary new technique...."

 My mind is blown.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 presents: Amateur Keirin

Amateur Keirin -race last night at the Käpylä velodrome. Edit by tnst.


Kid_scientific found this, thanks.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project Kickstarter: MESSENGERS a Documentary

"The true story of the world's fastest bike messengers racing each other and the clock in a dangerous underground urban subculture"

This movie project is looking for funding in order to happen and still needs a load of dough. Doesn't look too bad to me, NYC and all that.

Read more and donate if you feel like it:

Vauhtiajot 2012: L'Eroica in the Helsinki Style

Vauhtiajot 18.8.2012 in Helsinki, a L'Eroica -style ride for vintage road bike connoisseurs.

Photos by Klaus Welp/VOIMA, and there are more behind the link too.

Pyöräpaja 26.8.2012


So Bad It's Good

Yay, back in the olden times when brakes were for fakes, gears for queers, everybody pulled sick skids on Vittoria Randos and none had even heard about cyclocross...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rev X - F A S T E R !

Thanks to Manninen for this. I know he truly loves his many RevXs.

Watch out!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bike Orienteering

Last night was the CX Alleycat night in the Keskuspuisto forest but it was in fact much more like traditional orienteering with the added bonus of dragging a bike along in the bushes, if you ask me. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quentin, is it you?

Photo via.

Blue Sheriff Stars

Now who would anodize Campagnolo C-Record Pista hubs blue...?

Old Rossin Catalogue Goodness

Couple of interesting Rossin catalogue scans from 1989, provided by Tunturi, the company importing Rossin bikes into Finland back in the day.

The cyclocross model, translated as "OFF-ROAD BIKE" by the way, is something I've never seen before but since it was in the catalogue, it must exist. The hunt is on!

Thanks for Fedja for the scans. See the whole thing here with some road bikes as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VPCX Cup 2012

"Mud, snow, ice, bikes, racing, pain, love, beer, sauna, stupidity... This is an open group for cyclocross enthusiasts in Finland. We aim to create some finnish 'cross culture by organizing races and rides. "

VPCX Cup is rather unofficial cup that consists of FIVE (!) CX-races around southern Finland.

2012 race schedule:
* 22.9.2012 - Keimola
* 7.10.2012 - Kivikko
* Early November - Hikiä
* Late November - Herttoniemi
* Mid-December - "Winter Wonderland"

More info on VPCX FB page:

Photos by Jimmy Doyle and Aleksi Lehti.

Collectible Track Cycling Cards

Cool cards from back in the day by Editions Recontre/ Oy Concert Hall 1977. Spot Eddy Merckx, can you?

The cards are from here, currently for sale on Finnish auction site

Monday, August 13, 2012

Awesomest Water Bottles

By Gage & Desoto. And sold out already. Damn.

Triton Titanium

Custom Titamium frame? This is relevant to my interests.

Here's the first(?) custom Ti fg frameset made by the Moscow, Russia, based Triton Bikes maybe better known for their MTB, trials and street frames and it certainly looks pretty interesting. It'd be great to see the frame built up eventually.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuuli was a bike messenger!

Who, you ask? Well, Tuuli Petäjä, currently Finland's only Olympic Medalist at the London 2012 games. Silver medal at Women's RS:X Windsurfing. Turns out she used to 'mess some time in mid-2000s, riding for the BikeXpress. And her name actually means 'wind'. Now how awesome is that?

Crossi-ällärit 15.8.2012 // CX Alleycat Race

Alleycat in the forest? Not to be missed.


Coming soon @LOWSF

Upgrades for future frames at the LOW Bicycles. Those are headtubes for integrated headset, in case you're wondering.

I spied these on the @LOWSF Instagram.

Chemical Brothers: Velodrome

Hmmm. I'm not really so sure about this...