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Komponenttikirppis 13.6.2010

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Maglia Nera

"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Maglia Nera

The "Maglia Nera" was a black jersey awarded as a symbolic prize in cycling competition at the Giro d'Italia, given to the last man to finish the race. It was allocated between 1946 and 1951.

There was real competition to win this particular jersey. Especially noted are the struggles between Sante Carollo and Luigi Malabrocca, to see whom could waste the most time. Each tried to lose more time than the other by hiding in bars, barns, and behind hedges, or even by puncturing their own wheels. In 1948 the honor was awarded to the Tuscan Aldo Bini, who according to some journalists and fans of the time, stubbornly continued the race until the end, despite a broken right hand suffered in a mass crash, and the suffering that especially in the mountain stages forced him to get off the bike and push it uphill. The special ability of the black jersey was, in addition to not being "discovered", to reach the finish directly within the maximum time.

The term "maglia nera" was later used in other contexts to indicate the bottom club in a league, often giving it a negative connotation.

In 2008 a similar "black number" was introduced, won by Markus Eichler of Team Milram."

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

'I Deliver'

That shirt looks familiar. As does the lady on the GOrilla Hattara with the pink Veeps, and Paavo's hands resting on the handlebars of his Barenuckle...

Via Milano Fixed. 

Kissena POV

New York City's only bicycle Track: Kissena Velodrome from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

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In B & W

Cinelli X Mash Limited Ed.

Way cooler than the standard Cinelli MASH colors, I'd say!

“Garrett brought the histogram forward for our new kit. To commemorate the energy around this new series, We painstakingly produced only three MASH Cinelli framesets.

The finished product is produced with a 2010 Columbus/Cinelli/MASH frame set, with powder coat, matte clear coat, fine die-cuts. Each signed by the artist.

Only available at the Project Space Gallery. The gallery will ship worldwide, and sell based on date/time of email received. Email them at: to get one of these. Next build yours, and send us photos of the life you give one of these pieces of weaponry.” – MASH

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Keeping It Simple

Just a random bike from Velospace which somehow really caught my eye. Oversized steel tubing and carbon track fork, low profile rims, classy yet not too flashy parts, no stickers or other clutter. Simple and beautiful, just like it should be.

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