Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Down Town Survival


Fumikiri プロモ

French GQ: "Fixie Up"

Found by Rock'n'Roll Fixie Riders Club, and they got more pics... 

I'm not hating on this at all, it's just fashion and all that but those pants, really WTF?!

"And hey you, yeah you the model dude with the fixy bike over there, can you show me how to do a, ummm whatsitcalled, a skiddy with your bike...?"

Berlin Polizei VS. Brakeless Fixies

This news just in from Berlin (and from Straightchain, danke)

"For the first time the police will have an eye on a special kind of bicycle. They are called "Fixies" or "Singlespeed-Bikes". These minimalist trend-bikes, e.g. ridden by bike-messengers and members of a growing fan-scene are being used more and more in city-traffic. The bicycles, for the purpose of saving weight and conveying a very special "Kick" during fast riding, do not have proper security-measurements, i.e. they lack any sort of brake. Only foresighted riding, and enormous capacity of reaction ought to hinder accidents. The use of such vehicles, which were originally designed to be used for track-bike sports, in road traffic is profoundly dangerous and inevitably bound to health- and live-threatening situations for other road-users as well as the rider. In consequence, police will not only file a complaint against the riders of such fixies, but make insistently clear, that the bicycles will be seized after reoccurring identification."

Uuh, I'm scared now, because I will be in Berlin, on my brakeless fixie, in the end of May. 

Don't actually know if the Berlin 5-0 rides a Segway, though...

Track Tandem For Tuesday

Inspiration from ZLOG, pic from fixedgear's Flickr.

Toast // Texas Style

A Taste of The Toast from Michael on Vimeo.

Free & Easy In Tokyo

Free&Easy Trailer 2 from jun iwai on Vimeo.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Hook Night Crits

Kid Keirin

Cool little boy. 

But hey, we've actually already seen his bike, just look here.

First pic is from Straightchain.


myctc from MYCTC on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Pics From JAN 2nd Anniversary

All photos from HC100's Flickr photostream.

Shiny New 2010 Sugino Cranksets Once Again

Sweet! The names of the new models have been changed a bit, 'New Grand Mighty' with 'Super Zen' and 'Mighty Compe'. 

Pics stolen from Kdom. Sorry, mate. 

Second Generation Dodici Rims

A first test batch of the new 2. Gen Dodoci Deep Aero rims seems to have arrived. 

At the 768 gr. they will be slightly heavier that what the new Velocity B43 should turn out to be once those become available, if any of that makes any difference to you. 

O.S.C.A. 57cm Keirin Frame

Rene's selling an O.S.C.A. 57cm Keirin frame on his blog

I don't know if it's any different from most NJS certified frames really except that the color looks absolutely beautiful to my eye and that it's apparently kinda rare. Hand made in in Ibaraki Ken, Japan.

Death Pedal // Death Pedal // Death Pedal

DEATH PEDAL Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa KAreem on Vimeo.

Put on your headphones and crank up the volume to get into the vibe. This is looking pretty good.

* * * 

Death Pedal is a fixed-gear freestyle(trick) film I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. It features rider profiles on Ines Brunn (Germany), Dre Reyes (Phillipines), and myself. The video also features sections on San Diego CA, Phoenix AZ, and Seattle WA as well as montages featuring footage from San Francisco, Atlanta, Peru, Beijing, Singapore and Malaysia. I have been traveling all around the globe filming for this project and have been fortunate enough to film with the best fixed-gear riders in the world. This will be the first film to have a truly global perspective on fixed gear freestyle.
hope you enjoy it!


Massan & Zen

Pics stolen from Amazing Grace.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Cassettes 2

No Cassettes Webisode 2 from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Bianchi Pista Concepts as tricktrack bikes FTW!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digging' This!

Introduction YU from YU KU$UMOTOh! on Vimeo.

Track Frames

Some people know how and where to score old track steel. Pics are from Paris, France, and Fukuoka, Japan. 

Mavic IO

Impressive. Pics came from here.

Hsinchu By Night

Super cool atmospheric photos from Taiwan. More here.