Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mo's Mallet is Out!

There was something in Tracko today about some new German company having polo mallets on prototype level and starting to take orders soon, maybe, or something.

But hey, Fixie Inc. has their might Mo's Mallets in and shipping out already. Check 'em out here.

And sure, yeah, I need to say big Danke! to Fixie Inc and Holger to sending me one, after I half-jokingly requested one ages ago here. The mallet is real nice, I'm just waiting for the all the snow to go away first...

Look 464 Piste

"To celebrate the new LOOK 464, Cyclope is organizing an exclusive launch party, featuring a retrospective exhibit of the whole range of LOOK track bikes, on the 25th of February, at their shop, 104 rue de la Folie Méricourt."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"11 before almost 24 hours"

11 before almost 24"hours" from joshua boothby on Vimeo.


WHAM! from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Joel Weston // Leader Bike USA

Joel Weston | Leader Bike USA from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

Giovanni Pettenella (1943-2010) R.I.P.

A true track star.

"A man who from humble beginnings went on to win a gold medal in the track sprint at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics Games. A man who at those same Games also won the silver medal in the Kilometre, coming in behind the Belgian rider Patrick Sercu who would later became a legendary Six Day racer. 

A man who during the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympic track sprint against Pierre Trentin astounded the crowd with a 21 minute trackstand before finishing his adversary with a blindingly fast sprint. 

A man who on a hot day in the summer of 1968, at the Italian National Track Championships held in Varese, set the world trackstand record of one hour and five minutes, a record that stands to this day. Pettenella's adversary on that occasion was that same Bianchetto of the Tokyo Olympic sprint final, a rider who after one hour and three minutes of trackstanding under the fierce summer sun collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

In a drawer of his office desk Pettenella still has a photograph of the final minutes of the race. Bianchetto is lying unconscious on the track with Vanni still trackstanding and waiting for the doctors to validate his victory in the first sprint

Saw this at Hipster Nascar. But you really better read this HERE.

VANNI PETTENELLA GOLD AND SILVER MEDAL 1964 TOKYO from camilla candida donzella on Vimeo.


Stairways to Heaven Race - Los Angeles

Stairways To Heaven Race - Los Angeles from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

Safari London

Safari London from Rick Symonds on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hills Will Come Alive...

Bridging the Gap Vol. 1

Bridging the Gap Vol.1 from Joseph Lobato on Vimeo.

Super nice edit. Read MORE here.

On The Beach

I believe this is Henry Miller cruising on his coaster brake bike on the beach somewhere. Or maybe not. Great pic nonetheless.

'The Primary Colours In Iration'

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steve Jensen

Untitled from steven jensen on Vimeo.

Paja Fest 1. - 2.5.2010

There's gonne be some real dope 'ish going on in there...

Green Flake Concor Supercorsa Like You've Never Seen Before

You won't find another one like that anywhere because Olli did that by himself for his special Kosmos project.

London To Paris Hellsinki Screening

Some snaps by tnts from the London to Paris screening last night in Kannas. Basically everybody was there despite the arctic weather AKA 'blizzard of the year' outside. Was fun plenty but I cannot say much about the movie, though.

No, wait, I can at least try to sum up the movie:

Some international bunch of dudes met up in London and rode, like, real dope track bikes with drop bars, real heavy gearing and all for real long distances on some country roads, drank some beer and wore casual urban clothing while doing the 'trip'. In the end they arrived in Paris, saw the finish of Tour de France on Champs-Élysées and met with Lance Armstong. (Or I guess they met him? I didn't see that last part, though.) And I believe Nike sponsored some (if not all) of that. Now how cool - and even inspiring - is all that? ;)

Big Up! for Eki, tnts & My Cup of T for organizing the event.

Friday, February 19, 2010

'The Modern San Fransican' by Mike Giant

Seen first at Tracko. 



Yes, the rear wheel seems to have an axle for 120mm rear, track nuts and the flipflop hub has proper reverse lockring threads and all. Only available in 26" size, though.

Buy them here, if you absolutely have to...

Thanks to NKOTB for bringing these beauties to my attention.

Just some clip & The Misfits

Zac : New Edit from Antimo on Vimeo.

I don't really get the point of this clip above at all BUT because of the dude's hoodie this gives me yet another perfect excuse to post more vintage punk rock live radness here. The Misfits were like the coolest band evah, brah!

Faret Thursday


REVOKED Final Trailer


More info here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting those weldin' & brazin' skills to good use...

Apparently Olli's been recently honing his mad welding and brazing skills even further on producing some proper conversions. Looking good!

Billykirk Leather U-Lock Holster

From here. Not vegan friendly, if that matters?

Which somehow reminds of this...

BMX Polo

BMX Bike Polo from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

Great! Especially since I believe that approximately 110% of the BMX kids roll brakeless these days...

Power Black w/ Wolber DiscJet

Timo's Power Black with the new front disc wheel already made it into Lockedcog while I was (literally) sleeping so let me post it here too. And let's hope the summer won't be too windy, Helsinki being a seaside town and all that... ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Katakura Silk 1986

Stolen from here...

Suntour SUPERBE PRO Track

Image stolen from here...

'London Tunnel' // 'London Dungeon'

Video from FGLDN & 14CO Bikes.

And since I love The Misfits (yeah, I guess I'm retarded like that...) this somehow brought this song to my mind:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tomity's Treasure

From here.


hellCat from Lajalousie on Vimeo.

$$$ CharmillionR Thug Bike $$$ // 'Sold with a Gold Chain'

From Cyclope Paris.

Mike Giant: "Welcome To Frisco"

"On February 25th 2010 Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea of Milan opens the first solo show in Italy by American artist Mike Giant.

“I got the name Giant from skating with some friends, actually, I fell down really hard, and this guy I went with said ‘it felt like you went down like a giant’ and at that time there was a graffiti just across the same ditch we were skating, and I just kinda thought ‘oh that could be my name!’ and it is generic as that, you know, and then I started writing it maybe a month or two after that.” Mike Giant

Master of black and white, and representational leading figure of the mid-1990s underground movement in San Francisco, Giant is internationally known for his graffiti, his skateboards, his tattoos and the immaculate precision of his graphics.

Born in Upstate New York, Giant moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico as a child, where he later studied architecture. In 1993 he was offered a position drawing graphics at Think Skateboards in San Francisco. There he stayed for the next ten years developing his unique artistic style and becoming a leading figure of the street art scene.

At first most known for his graffiti art, recognizable by solid letterforms, his tattoo work has also become internationally renowned over the last decade. Since 1998 Giant has been working at remarkable tattoo shops in San Jose, San Francisco and New York City, next to Paco Excel, Mike Davis and Patrick Conlon. His recent work can be seen in the 2004 tattoo issue of Juxtapoz magazine.

In 2003 Giant returned to Albuquerque and opened the tattoo shop, Stay Gold. Back to San Francisco in 2007 he retired officially from tattooing and devoted his time to a more intentional way of drawing, very much guided by Buddhist meditation.

In February 2002, Giant had his first solo exhibition at WDWA Gallery in New York. His work has been seen in Tokyo with Sam Flores and Bigfoot, at Misanthropy Gallery in Vancouver, at Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris, as well as at numerous venues in San Francisco and Los Angeles. His drawings can be found on the latest Cinelli book, on apparel from Tribal Gear, Upper Playground, and REBEL8 clothing, his signature brand.

About the street scene in San Francisco he says: “First of all, I’m a ‘grandpa hipster’, and it suits me just fine. And after dedicating almost 20 years to writing graffiti, I hope it never dies. And as for track bikes, there have been hip, cocky young men and women riding them around the streets of San Francisco for over 100 years! Look it up. None of this stuff is played out, dead, or otherwise. It’s ongoing.”

For this unique Milan exhibition Giant created a new body of graphics, narrating stories of voluptuous urban femme fatale´s on bikes, religious iconography, street views of San Francisco, a few surviving skulls, unavoidable memento mori of the street world. A video loop created by Giant’s friends and collaborators Colin Arlen and Sean Patrick will tell about his lifestyle; we will see him in action, biking his way around Frisco, writing on walls or on candid paper, and saying it in his own words…a black and white peaceful underground explosion.

A bilingual (Italian/English) catalogue will be published for the occasion, with words by Mike Giant, a text by Luca Beatrice and an interview by Silvia Girardi. A limited edition of the show poster signed by the artist will also be available for sale in gallery during the show."


'Flat Out - A Track Bike Journey'

"Flat Out" Teaser from FLAT OUT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

'Fixed City'

e r t z u i ° film pres. FIXED CITY from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

Read more about this HERE.

The Blueprint

This here might - or might not be - the blueprint of the Cinelli Gazzetta track frame. For those of you who are into this type of stuff...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome To Grime Street

WELCOME TO GRIME ST from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Yay! Crappy editing, plenty of slams, Madonna, The Misfits. Only boobies were missing but this def gets my approval.

And apparently there's maybe evn some new clothing line involved somewhere in there.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Training

My 1st time on training rollers from Timo on Vimeo.

Pic for Friday

I must say I haven't been bothered posting any of fixfixfix's photography here recently because I'm not entirely sure what to think of it but here here goes. Nice Bianchi.

月刊現場 2月

月刊現場 2月 from MKM on Vimeo.

Blue Lug Sale

The Blue Lug Tokyo sale is probably already over but i'm really diggin' the poster.

More Tokyo 2 Osaka

JUNKUN Part 1 of 2 from on Vimeo.

JUNKAN Part 2 of 2 from on Vimeo.

Helsinki Winter Commute

Helsinki winter commute from T/N/T/S on Vimeo.

Some cycling here in snowy Helsinki. These guys are in fact the very people behind KRNKY Cycling Clothing & Accessories. So now you know.


Correction. I was wrong. Again. The sountrack is NOT is by Itäväylä, one DJ Pertzza AKA Randy Barraduca's numerous projects. Instead it's by Aavikko. Anyhow, I think it should have been by Itäväylä. Ha!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pics for Thursday

Monster Track 2010

For Kings & Queens. Read more here.

"What is monster Track? This here thing just happens to be the supreme, urban Track bike racing outfit in the nation. It came from bike messengers, specifically the track biking ones, in New York City looking to get challenged. It came from riders looking to brag and talk shit. It came from riders looking to have a little fun on the side, it came from rider looking to show their bike handling skillz in this here big, bad, metropolis we call Gotham city. It came from the world of messenger alley cats that happen all over the world. This is an event about speed and bragging right. It is not for everyone. It wills flat-out leave you behind if you’re not ready. But it is also exhilarating will leave you in a State of Euphoria.(supposedly) It will pump your blood level up a couple of notches . Monstertrack is an aphrodisiac. Its anotherway to get high. There a lot of ways you can ride a trak bike, this is the definitive one.This is about Riding your bike like you own it, and not letting it own you! The scene will undoubtedly change and evolve. But there will never be a substitute for straight up hard riding. Now that true brilliance. Once a year Monstertrack happens, and when it does bring your soul ,bike, No breaks and No fear Monstertrack XI .March 6th 2010"

Straight Out Of The Box: Airwalk Fixed BMX

Airwalk Fixed BMX frameset, came in only three days direct from China. Not mine but I'm quite interested in trying it out, though.


See the comments section for Konkeli's points about his new whip. Added the pic below too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Its Always Raining in Seattle

Its Always Raining In Seattle from Justinavenue on Vimeo.

Yeah, here too. But wait, I though 650c in the front was forbidden already by now? 'Cos it's like cheating, dude!

Actually, I only posted the video because of the soundtrack. Here's some more. I still love all the Stones Throw stuff... 

Track Tallbike !!! // 톨 바이크.

Like whoah! From LSD Bikes in Seoul. 

Kiyo Miyazawa Track Tandem

Keirin Girl