Sunday, January 31, 2010

FiR Aria

ARAYA Rim Catalog Archives

Araya rim catalog archive:

CIÖCC Super Record Pista 1985

This Italian beauty is on Ebay right now, CLICK.

"1985 Super Record Ciocc Pista - 57 cm.
Pedals: NOS Campagnolo Super Record Pista, Titanium with NOS Campagnolo Steel Clips and Straps
Stem: NOS Cinelli badged 90mm Cinelli Stem
Handlebars: New Nitto Steel
Headset: NOS Steel Campagnolo (NOS Aluminum Pista Super Record Headset available at extra cost)
Crankset: NOS Campagnolo Super Record, 52T NOS Campagnolo Chainring
Bottom Bracket: NOS Campagnolo Pista Record
Wheelset: NOS Fiamme's 36/36 Hole laced to NOS Super Record Hubs (Titanium axles)
Chain: New SRAM PC-9x 1/8"
Rear Cog: NOS Campagnolo 14T cog
Seat Post: NOS Campagnolo Super Record
Saddle: New Cinelli
Tubulars: NOS Clements"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barspinzzz out in -20°C

Barspinning for the first time in -20C from T/N/T/S on Vimeo.

So tnts bought himself some old mtb fork, put it on his Traitor Ringleader and headed out into the cold to learn some sick barspinzzzzz. Mad respect. ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tokyo to Osaka

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser from John Murillo on Vimeo.

I don't actually know what this is about but I kinda can figure it out. Check out Kentalog for pics of the bikes too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Campagnolo Record Pista 165mm 151bcd crankset w/BB

I've been following this Ebay auction and it's really blowing by mind. At $500 with 6 hours to go still. Seriously? Because I don't get it, what's so special about those? It's just an older 151bcd Campa Pista 165mm crankset in nice condition with a big matching chainring, bolts, caps and bottom bracket.

Weeeeell, I got similar set with 49t chainring (the kind with the special extra thick inner lip) and a British threaded BB, all in very nice condition. And I guess I'd be willing to part with mine, so I'll accept any offer above $500...

The auction ended at US $531,00. Crazy. 

So Aero!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

NewEra Cycling Hats

New design, I guess? From here.

Mack w/ Stripes

Vitus ZX1

Did I just say something about geared retro road bikes being the next thing? Post-fixie Hipster road cycling, anyone?

If you're feeling me on this issue, here's something you just need to check out: a rare 1994 Vitus ZX1 Aero Carbon road bike on Ebay. All Campagnolo'd out and with double 'spoks. Hot 'ish. Even if I start sounding bit too much like AlanWMD, I'm like, whoah, my head is exploding, dude!

You can go bidding crazy HERE.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Classic. Every single line...

I guess those creative subs were done by Mustaninja.

Long Beach Photo Shoot // Sonic Reducer

Only one thing to say about this one: I was mighty disappointed when the video started with opening chord blast of the Deadboys' 'Sonic Reducer' but then it cut right into some boring whatever song...

So, in order to correct this mistake I'll post the song for yo'all:

Kinfolk Bicycles Ad

This appears to be an Ad for Kinfolk Bicycles, for which I have lots of love. Say what you will but I dig the classic style of their frames and the builds too.

Also, mad respect for popping wheelies in the traffic with those narrow unwrapped B123s, man. However, I got one question: what's up with missing the other grip...?

'Of course I'M FIXED'

Check out Shelby's site for more of his designs and other cool stuff if you like the one above.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Death Rays!

Rock'n'Rollin' Fixie Riders Club Ride: Paris - Chartres

PARIS-CHARTRES from Julien Rideau on Vimeo.

Smell The Roses

Smell The Roses from zack mctee on Vimeo.

So, while this movie is not particularly spectacular by any means, it exemplifies one of THE up-and-coming cycling trends for 2010 (especially since Cyclocross season has officially finished already): the Hipster Road Cycling. Mark my words.

Damn, even I myself am secretly building a geared 1990s-styled retro steel road bike in the darkness of my hidden underground lair...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vending Machine

It's a vending machine. Yeah, so what? But what does it dispense?
Schwalbe inner tubes! Now how cool is that?

Photo taken by Eiha, outside of a bike shop in Dresden, Germany.

'Prinssit: Seksi ja fiksi'

I truly hate MySpace but I need to post this:

The very rude lyrics of the Prinssit's 'Seksi ja fiksi' ('Sex and fixie') track are quite incredible, it's sung in Finnish, though. Sexually very frustrated girlfriend complaining about her girlfriend who's only into fixie bikes...



Pic for Wednesday



This 'ish heads deeper and deeper into BMX movie territory, and I sure like it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

YU from Osaka // GOrilla Test Ride

Yu from OSAKA from on Vimeo.


Yu is in fact riding the GOrilla Killroy, and not the new Le Lama like I initially wrote. I stand corrected, thanks to cogWei.

Anyway, this does not mean that you should not check out the new GOrilla Le Lama on their website. The frame geo looks pretty much the same as the Kilroy but with a classic-style fork instead.

Girls on Vigorelli

... Cinelli Vigorelli, that is.

The pic is about RODE t-shirts, I guess. Check out more pics HERE if you feel inclined.

Vintage NOS Nalini Cycling Kit at PBK!

Apparently has discovered some cool NOS Italian vintage cycling kit:

"These items have come direct from the factory where they were made over 30 years ago and have been stored in an air conditioned building since being manufactured. Moa Sport, better known as NALINI, has been manufacturing cycling sportswear since the 1970's, running a complete manufacturing operation, from the research on new fabrics and manufacturing processes, to the utmost care for designs and style.

We have a very limited number of these items, so be quick, and don't miss this unique opportunity for owning a bit of cycling history."

Limited stock, obviously, so be quick and CLICK HERE.

Remember also that PBK offers free Worldwide shipping on lots of items, which is nice.

Monday, January 18, 2010

RVAFIXED! // Soul Glo

RVAFIXED! SOUL GLO from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Now we're moving seriously into the BMX territory. And I don't mean only the riding, bikes or the tricks...

Aberdeen // The Granite City

Fixed Gear in the Granite City from James urquhart on Vimeo.

The Raddest Bike Of The Day

I don't know anything about this, just saw the picture on a web-forum somewhere. I was impressed.

Grim Unholy Wheelies // Nocturno Culto

This post is for John Prolly who fo'sho can appreciate the gif above!

Might not look like much but it appears to be Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone showing off his stone-cold wheelie skills, kind of in the middle of some dark unforgiving northern forest. On a menacing hybrid bike, no less. It also looks like he has a big black boot, or maybe rather a severed foot(!), on the rear rack.

Also, if darker metal is your thing, check out this blog with tons of grim downloads, I just came across it while googling some Nocturno pics.

Props to Happo-Orgiat for finding the wheelie gif.

Koichi Nakano

(Nakano portrait photo originally stolen from

Sunday, January 17, 2010


"Kolelinia is a city fly attempt. We are born to move, this makes us alive. The transport is not only a transport, it has to be an experience! The quality of this process reflects directly on the quality of our life. Is it possible to achieve a completely new level of transportation with minimum resources?
Kolelinia is a concept for riding our own bikes on a steel wire, a new type of bicycle-lanes…

This doesn’t replace the normal biking, this only helps in problematic zones!
Could be a bridge type, a longer transportation line or a special designed and independent touristic line. Of course it is too early to talk about mass use."


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010


'Super very RETRO ! Special cycle for pursuit'

Perfectly in keeping with today's theme:

"Super very RETRO ! Special cycle for pursuit.

Frame 1990 of release. MADE IN USSR . Model is made in the city of Kharkov (XB3 - it's "KH V Z") at a bicycle factory. The frame has no dents and cracks. Under repair was not.

Frame in an excellent condition. It is made of tubes COLUMBUS.

Frames KVANT were made under the order of bicycle federation of the USSR for leading bicycle racers."

On Ebay, click! And plenty more pics HERE.

Lotus 108 // Lotus Sport Pursuit Bicycle

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Helsinki 78-82: Cruising

HELSINKI 78-82 - CRUISING from Top Billin on Vimeo.

This video has caused some debate already even before it was officially published but whatever, it's finally out now and looking good.

Super cool track and our city looks so nice when it is summer and you're just cruising on your bike ... to grab some beers at Bar Siltanen. ;)

+ If you dig the track, check out Top Billin' !!!

Earlier Tonight

Konkeli as the King of the Hill.

Pics by Matu.

Seen in San Francisco

Damn, weren't those 'Seen in...' posts in FGG always the funniest.

Anyhow, I just had to steal this photo from Chainthug, taken in SF some time ago. I'm truly impressed. Talkin' about mad O.G. fixie style!

"I baked a carbon track frame..."

Björn baked it. Respect!

O.G. Campagnolo Pista, Biaatch!

Original series from 1958. If you covet these, BID! on them.

Pic for Wednesday

Tuesday, January 12, 2010