Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pelago '1-vaihde' -runkosetti ulkona maaliskuussa

Pelagon odotettu ja huhujen mukaan varsin pitkään suunnittelupöydällä ollut teräksinen 1-vaihde runkosetti on viimein saatavilla maaliskuussa, kun kontti saapuu Taiwanista.  

Esikuvana on ollut eräs monille tuttu ja erityisesti polkupyörälähettien keskuudessa suosittu fiksirunko, kuitenkin pienillä parannuksilla ja twiikkauksilla. Sopivan rapsakka geometria kaupunkipyöräilyyn, hieman korkeampi keskiö jonka kanssa ei tarvitse hikoilla polkimien kolisevan katuun edes vähän pitempien kampien kanssa ja kiinnityspaikat lokasuojille tai etutarakalle.

Vaikka Pelago aikoo myydä runkoa myös kompliittipyöräna parillakin erilaisella kokoonpanolla, runko ja keula -setti varmasti kiinnostaa monia enemmän.

Runko tuplaohennettua saumatonta 4130 Cromo-terästä 
Väri "yönsininen" 


korkeus 495mm, pituus 525mm / kulmat HT72°, ST74.5°
korkeus 525mm, pituus 540mm / kulmat HT73°, ST74°
korkeus 555mm, pituus 560mm / kulmat HT73°, ST73°
korkeus 585mm, pituus 580mm / kulmat HT73°, ST73°
korkeus 615mm, pituus 600mm / kulmat HT73°, ST73°
(Korkeudet ilmoitettu C-C -mittoina) 

BB drop 65mm
CS 400-425mm 
120mm takanavalle

1 1/8'' keula, pituus A-C 378mm 
Emäputki: 95mm/122mm/150mm/178mm/208mm

Lokasuojat mahtuu max. 32mm renkaan kanssa

Erilaisille telineille kiinnityspisteet edessä ja takana

Runkosetin hinta 395e


Rush Hour Traffic By Bike In Helsinki

Rush hour traffic in Helsinki: areas reachable by bicycle (and by other means) in 10 minutes time.

I can confirm this is the truth as I work in the central downtown (the blue area) and live right on the edge of the area reachable in ten minutes by bike in northeast at a leisurely 15km/h speed.

Hyötypyörä messenger services shared this one, originally from HERE.

More Winter Bieks

In addition to Kim's now interwebz-famed ESB, here's couple more nice winter fixed bikes from Yksivaihde.net.

Bikes On Wheels "Be Mighty"

Bikes On Wheels "Be Mighty" from Stuart A. McIntyre on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


... or is it the lack of brakes?


Kim's bikes (as well as the photography of his bikes) are always top notch and his new winter/offroad/whatever whip makes no difference.

I love the monstercross vibe here and would probably put some dirt dropbars on instead of the riser but that's just me. Those Panracer Firecross 700x45c were apparently pretty tight in the rear but fit nevertheless.

Check out more photos here.

FS: Nesti Crono

Bit off topic but whatever.

My secret Italian source has this neat looking Nesti time trial bike for sale for about 500€, shipped/negotiable. The size is 55x55cm. There's plenty more detailed pics and the bike geek in me really loves the rare Ofmega Mistral cranks on the bike. IMHO the coolest crankset design ever.

Anyway if you're interested, send me a message and I'l hook you up. The guy has more interesting geared Italian gems for sale too, like a real sweet 1970s Masi Corsa, a Bianchi, a Rossin, a Tommassini etc.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Things Tonight

Good Things International first official collection Launch Party tonight at We Got Beef starting at 1900 hours. Be there. Free beer and whatnot, you know?

The collection 'explained' here:

This Just In: Mamils queing up to the Rapha London sample-sale!

The photo is less than two hours old. Shit, I'm ON TOP OF THINGS - for once. And I admit I wear some Rapha stuff and like it a lot so this is just me being jealous.


(A Mamil what, you ask? Look here.)

Mountain Bikers say:

Tricks of the Trade: Gettin' Air

Two photos from ECMC 2006 in Helsinki King of Fixed 2006, two bike messengers getting mad air at the bunnyhop contest, Jari above, Andrea below. Kids, do I need to remind you that this was waaaay before anyone even though of FGFS or any of that stuff?

Pics stolen from Jiima.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Helsinki Indoor Velodrome

Yes, 'ish just got real.

It looks like it's really true, Helsinki will get an indoor velodrome in 2014, in Malmi district. A proper wooden 250mm all international standards fulfilling track. The hall itself will be a multi-use sports arena with handball, basketball and floorball courts, indoor boulder climbing walls etc.

The project is not officially published yet but we were given a secret private sneak peak of the plan yesterday and I can assure you that it looks super awesome in every way.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Colnago Pista

I don't know where this one comes from but I get very mixed feelings looking at it. Kinda like listening to Skrillex.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Cool photo, literally.

I still dig Keirin bikes and this one is such a perfect example, like straight outta some strange time capsule from 2007.

Peep more photos HERE.

Campagnolo Rim Samples

Road Cyclists Say:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Raleigh - The All-Steel Bicycle

Lion stole the Raleigh, I stole the images from Lumikko. 

Cinelli Laser Stayer

This Cinelli Laser Stayer bike as well as the older stayer bike below, both from slo:motion's Flickr, has been recently posted all over the webz but now what's really going on here...?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act !!!

"Sopa and Pipa are, quite simply, an attempt to create a privatised form of international censorship, and because the censorship would have to be nearly total to be effective, they would have a profound and chilling effect on any form of public conversation among ordinary citizens. It would render the internet a place where the only content to be seen or heard or read is produced by professionals, with the rest of use relegated to the role of pure consumption."

F*CK PREMIUM RUSH. Because ...

... COURIER CRISIS is the real O.G. 'ish.

And of course there will soon be some lame Premium Rush game in the shops.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Meanwhile in Athens, Greece

"Fixed Gear in Athens for the TV show '2 Petalia Dromos'"

In any case these dudes appear pretty untouched by Greece's troubled economy, judging by the rate they're skidding out their tires. Which is cool.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vancouver: 4th Annual Bridge Battle Alleycat

Everything about this is SO RIGHT. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kraftwerk - Tour de France

Path of the Track Bike

Level 1 is pre-derailleur.
Level 2 is roots (needs a section for “the collector”. They supplied many fine vehicles for 3-5)
Level 3 is where it really begins.
Level 4 finalizes the style
Level 5 marks the entry of non-messenger, non-cyclists. Its also the shortest time segment. (This is where the most deviations within the messenger community developed-aluminum frames and bars, the worst. Goofy “punk” accessories next.)
Level 6 is the explosion. Style bastardized
Level 7 is Babylon. No Style
Level 8 isn’t on the chart-Its all the deviations and cliques formed without influence of 1-4. It really has nothing to do with us, or cycling. It follows the current streetxwear/skateboard/bmx industry map.

I stole this from the Landlords because it is IMPORTANT.
Read and learn. Know your Roots.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cyclocross Varjo SM 2012 // VPCX Stylin'

The unofficial shadow Cyclocross Finnish Championships today at Louhela/Kaivoksela, Vantaa.

First batch of photos has surfaced, here. Plenty of people showed up and raced despite the snowy and icy conditions and the course was hard and technical just like it should be. Geared cx bikes were dime and dozen like always but here are photos of the best different styles, in the true VPCX spirit.

Cyclocrossin Varjo SM 2012 7.1.2012

Lisätiedot: https://www.facebook.com/events/329832470362344/

CXVSM 2012 Course Preview from Rhubarb on Vimeo.