Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Laurent Fignon RIP

The two-time Champion of Tour de France, among many other victories during his career, Laurent Fignon, died today of cancer at the age of 50.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Some Helsinki Bike Polo Pics

Some cool bike polo snaps there and plenty more HERE.

Pics by Julius Koivistoinen 2010.

Tikkurilan Ajomies Ad feat. Paulus

This is apparently 'organic advertising' and somehow part of the Helsinki Design Week? Anyhow, Paulus who is running the Hyötypyörä courier service wants to thank and recommend Eppu and his Tikkurilan Ajomies bike shop. Listen to him, I believe the man knows what he is talking about here.

Oh, and including also a KRNKY cell holster gaining nation wide media exposure.

From here.

CogNation Tee

Check out: http://www.cognationclothing.com/

Saturday, August 28, 2010


No Foot Retention...


BTW the bike is custom made Litespeed Titanium Track.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sofus Francisco Double Straps

Sofus Francisco from sofus francisco on Vimeo.

Damn, while I've completely forgotten to do a review of these, in the meantime check out the video above. All I can say now is that they're mad nice if you're looking for some super sturdy real leather double straps. Obviously vegans need not apply here.

Clip via Locked Cog.

The Epic-est American Fixy Tour Continues

The trip advances, apparently. Feel free to come up with your own captions for the pictures. Riding up and down the mountains, getting h**h etc. Note also the 'support van'.

Meanwhile in Norway...

FTT edit #1 from Thomas Larsen Røed on Vimeo.

FTT edit #2 from Thomas Larsen Røed on Vimeo.

Looking nice, especially the second one. Cheers!

Both clips by FTT.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

'Pyöräile kaupungilla ja olet supertyylikäs'

Although I didn't advertise it here, I was invited to do my first Pecha Kucha thingy last Friday at one of the events of Tampere Design Week '10. The theme of the night was Urban Cyling and Joonas Le Prince and Timo from Pelago were there with me, among some other speakers. The event was, let's say, an interesting experience... Thanks to the Tampere massive for showing up too.

Also, respect to the girl (pictured above) who rode a fixed Le Prince so smoothly with those platform shoes throughout the whole the fashion show part of the night.

Future Tense by ZLOG

Future Tense Summer 2010 from ZLOG on Vimeo.

Fast n’ Loose 2010 Benefit Race

SCUMBAG INVITE | "Fast n' Loose 2010" Benefit Race from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

I spy a bare riser bar on the C'dale Track on there. No sweaty palms then, right?

Jason Clary

Jason Clary in the Panhandle from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.


LA GARIBALDINA from Pindaro on Vimeo.

Via Tracko.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today! KOF '10


And the King of Fixed for '10 is Lauri. All-around strongest rider in town. All hail the new King!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Daily Video Freestyle Fix

London Edit from F-F on Vimeo.

Fixed Cult: LA Ride from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

GOrilla Bicycles R.I.P.

Google translated (yeah...) from here:

Gorilla Bicycles is at the end of the beginning of July the bankruptcy of the Zurich Fixie specialists was opened.

Last Tuesday, the bankruptcy of the Gorilla AG Zurich was published in the Official Gazette of Commerce. It is clear that the district court by the company first has dissolved July 2010.

Gorilla had created rapidly as a young brand in the Fixie scene a name. The bikes from Zurich were not only in his own shop, but also offers a few selected bike shops in Switzerland and in in stores in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. affected by the bankruptcy next to the gorilla-founder Thomas Schreier are the brothers of the same Friday worship bags manufacturer. They were entered only in the past year as investors gorilla.

No influence again Friday-business
Reiterates At the request of Ride.ch Markus, Friday that the failure of gorilla not exercise control over the business with the bags and fashion accessories made from recycled truck tarpaulins has. Even the free Fixie rental system "get a free fix," which has built Friday for the five brand stores in Zurich, Berlin, Hamburg and Davos in the cooperation between gorilla running, remains free."

Pic by John Prolly (2009).

Like he said...

"Aluminum F41L! 4130 for life!" - John "Prolly" Watson, 2009

Pic for Thursday // Pogliaghi Pista

Oh, and the bike is currently for sale on Ebay...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Old Junk

NOT mine, ok?

The pic seems to be from Flickr, you can trace it, if you need to.

Dartmoor PUNCHER 700cmx

You probably already saw this somewhere else if you follow any other blogs but I decided to post it too because I dig this much more that many other freestyle/tricks frames out there at the moment.

Basically Puncher is a new soon-to-be released frameset by the Polish MTB/DJ/BMX company Dartmoor. Silesia Fixed "leaked" the first photo above and there should be more info at the Eurobike in September.

Anyhow, Puncher looks pretty cool to my eyes due to its clean and simple lines and if you check out info on their other current frames, things like "multiple butted, seamless Japanese Cr-Mo 4130 tubes", "one-piece hydroformed chainstay tubes for better stiffness and lower weight and perfect shape" and "internal gusset under head tube", which I would image will be features also found in the Puncher frameset, sound all pretty promising. That fact that it's made in the EU is also cool and help keeping the price bit lower for us here on the Old Continent.

The Daily Video Freestyle Fix

Double Rainbow Special from swoo on Vimeo.

HIRO ver. from -xxxPHOENIX.xxx- on Vimeo.

The Mower Gang Cleans Up Dorais Velodrome, Detroit

"Posted: Aug. 11, 2010

Walking through a maze of shrubbery, trees, tires, paint cans and logs the size of wheelbarrows, it was hard to imagine that people raced bicycles there.

"I cannot believe that this has been abandoned in time," said Tom Nardone, founder of the Mower Gang. The small group of volunteers was standing on the Dorais Velodrome in northeast Detroit on Friday. The motto on their shirts said it all, "Winning Detroit's Other Turf War."

Nardone, looking for volunteer work that was fun, started the Mower Gang to revive unkempt public land in Detroit. This was the group's first project.

The goal at the velodrome was simple: clean up the track at Outer Drive and Mound. 
But the task seemed daunting. Twenty-some years of abandonment had created a patchwork of flora that covered most of the concrete. With donated power tools, the team set to work under a relentless sun.

Slowly but surely, the banked oval began to resemble its former self. 
More volunteers showed up, many meeting for the first time. Bicycles began to appear at the track's edge and scattered under infield trees. By late afternoon, the velodrome was silent as the Mower Gang reaped its reward.

"I'm super impressed with what they've done in just a day," said Jon Hughes, owner of Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop. His grandfather helped build the velodrome in 1969 and it was the first track that he rode as a child. He remembers when it bore national and world champions. Now, with a smile on his face, Hughes was riding the oval once again. The track was ridable for the first time in years. Large cracks made it more suitable for mountain bikes than fine-tuned racing bikes, but this day was about celebrating a forgotten Detroit relic and encouraging public use.

"It's really not about getting some 45-year-old guy a better place to ride his bike," said Nardone, reflecting on the Mower Gang's mission.

"It's more about getting 10-, 12-, 13-year-old kids a better place to spend an afternoon."

The group's next project: Aug. 28 at Riverside Park, at the foot of West Grand Boulevard."

Bike Age Tees

Everyone wears t-shirts, I guess. So look here for some cool cycling themed ones, they sell some stickers, buttons and caps too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

King Of Fixed 2010 // August 21th 2010

Yes. Fun times ahead.

"KoF 2010.

21. elokuuta kello 12:00 - 22. elokuuta kello 5:00
Paikka Länsi-Pasila, Hellsinki

- Rataseisonta
- Ylämäkipyräys
- Takaperoisympyrä
- Jalka Alas
- Skidiliinit

Ylläreitä luvassa..-

Kun reidet on hapoilla jännityksestä ja huimista suorituksista alkaa pahin koitos!! Hki- Tre poolomashdown!!!

Vain se joka osallistuu kaikkiin lajeihin voi olla kuninkaallinen, muistakaa siis se vaikka olisitte kuinka hyviä jossain :D.

Tapahtumapaikka ja aikataulu varmistuvat lähempänä, mutta kannattaa varata aikaa koko päivä.

Lisäinfoa seuraa.."

FB event info here.

Stadi Summer Session Helsinki // August 13th 2010

Kiddie bikes, big air, mad tricks, smack in the middle of downtown Helsinki! And no not a single fixie skidder in sight, not on the street/park anyway. Yes. Estonia's notorious BMX Jam Simpel Session hits Helsinki this Friday. Big shout-out to Risto and his boys for bringing the session in here.

See more here: http://www.session.fi/

Monday, August 9, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

Colnago Master Pista  pursuit, listed yesterday on Ebay by the boys behind the Rekord.ee boutique, and sold today with BIN. Didn't take took long.

Look here for plenty more pr0ntastic photos.