Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shape of Things to Come...

MORE here.

Dura-Ace Track Hubs

Just because Dura-Ace track hubs look so nice when anodized black.
The drilled ones, on the other hand, I'm not so sure about.

The Fakie Wheelie Saga Continues...

Joel Weston Again from John Prolly on Vimeo.

So is this real or is it not? Yes, but, no, but, the cars is the background, there's an evident glitch in the video right there .. etc. blah blah.

All I'm saying is: Looks good!

Seoul 1988

Source: The Horton Collection.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Real Bianchi Pista

More pics HERE. Via Kentalog.

London To Paris

LONDON TO PARIS from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

I think I've somehow missed this whenever the trailer first came out. Or maybe it's because I've never been the biggest fan of Nike or Lance. Looks good anyhow.

" present 'London to Paris', directed by Grace Ladoja, documents 10 riders from all over the world making the track bike journey from London to Paris to meet Lance Armstrong as the Tour De France 2009 comes to a close. Made in association with Nike Sportswear's CTRS project, the film's NYC premiere is set for late October 2009"

Pics For Friday


Championnats Du Monde De Cyclisme 1974/1982

From the Horton Collection.

'Steering Wheel for Bicycle'

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Retired Belts

Recycled 'green' product of the day: Retired Belts, made out of skidded-out Vittoria Randonneurs by Dylan Bigby.

"As you can imagine, the tires go much quicker when you must rely on them as brakes. So in an attempt to offset the guilt I felt for burning through tires twice a month, I started thinking of ways I could reuse them. I had seen tire phone holsters at bike shops. But I wanted to make something that could be worn by almost anyone that served a useful purpose and had style. The most obvious thing that came to mind, given the shape of tires, was a belt. Given the nature of using repurposed materials, I wanted to use as little virgin materials as possible. So, after a few prototypes and mistakes, I have found the right process. I hand make all the belts individually from tires ridden in San Francisco."

Check 'em out here.

'Man Gets 120 Days for Shooting Cyclist in the Head'

"While driving down the road one day, Charles Diaz grew upset at seeing a man riding his bike on a busy street with his 3 year-old son. So he shot him in the head. Thankfully, the bullet narrowly missed his skull, instead getting lodged in the cyclists' helmet. Well, Diaz has just been sentenced for admitting to nearly murdering a man by firing a gun towards his head--and he's received a paltry 4 months in jail.

120 days. For coming as close to killing someone in cold blood as you possibly can without actually doing so."

From Treehugger.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moscow 1980 // 'Quartetto Sovietico'

Amazing pic, stolen from G.S. Guccilife. Grazie!

More Rossin

Visiting Bicycle Studio Level, Tokyo.

Virtual visit to Matsuda-san's famous framebuilding studio in Tokyo.

"Sumio Matsuda has been the president of the Keirin Framebuilder's Association for quite some time. Matsuda joined Matsuda bicycle factory in 1968, began building competition track frames in 1975, and received NJS endorsement in 1980. The frames produced by Matsuda Bicycle initially branded "La Velo," but this was changed to "LEVEL" shortly thereafter. The factory is based in Tokyo, and has recently been relocated to the Arakawa-Ku ward.

... LEVEL framesets have changed very little in appearance over the years. The simple and somewhat demure appearance is matched with the absolute highest caliber of construction and finish. Each LEVEL is designed specifically for the rider and the events and tracks being raced, and as such can not be limited to a single tubeset. The current base price for a frame and fork is 136,500 JPY (headset and bottom bracket not included)

(Text above stolen from here.)

Rossin Ghibli Custom Pursuit

Olli's custom Rossin Ghibli Pursuit track frame is now ready. Loving the huge 'R' as the rear bridge between the seatstays. I'd think even Mario Rossin himself would approve!


Japan Strikes Back // Fakie Wheelies

KAMOME fixed gear from ARAKID on Vimeo.

There was a whole debate all over the forums last week about whether the Joel Weston clip was a fake or not. This one from Japan looks legit... but is it really?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rossin Ghibli Reborn

Tuukka's trusty old Rossin Ghibli road frame finally died sometime ago when the seat tube broke for the second time. The frame was handed over to ChopperOlli, some time passed and this is what it looks like now, in the last pic below. Looking forward to seeing how it ends up finally.

And T_M, this is all dedicated to you, man.

Broken Profile Fixed Hub

A cone broken off somebodys' Profile Fixed Hub. And these were supposed to be some burly American-made hubs from a respected BMX brand, yeah? Ok, of course stuff sometimes breaks, especially if abused, but still this makes me wonder a bit about their design...

From here.

Leftovers of the Weekend

Stuff from Saturday Event's Alleycat Race.

On Ebay

Talking about pr0n... on Ebay yeah. Driveside crank only but cares, right?

Vintage Nitto 155 Bars

Serious vintage Nitto hotness!

Model 155 from 1970s. Sure, the crest design is ripped right off from Cinelli but I'll give credit just because of the rarity. Everyone and their mother has Cinelli Criterium bars but not everyone has these.

Via Kentalog.

'Life Needs No Brakes' // Glow In The Dark

T-Shirts with nice reflective design from Berlin. From HERE.

"Let’s glow in the dark ! We want to offer handlebar freaks a possibility to make themselves visible in aggressive urban traffic without having to look like a christmas tree. All t-shirts are produced by labels known for their high standards quality of materials and a care for the environment."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Bike Door'

From here.

PROTYPE 68 x 109mm ISO Taper Sealed BB

Here it is finally. A cheap sealed bottom bracket with ISO taper 109mm axle for your Sugino 75s, Suntour Superbe Pros, Dura-Ace 7600s, Campagnolo Pistas, Miche Advanced or other ISO square taper track cranks.

Get it from Ben's HERE, price $34.99.

"The number one question/email we get is..."Does anyone offer a reasonably priced sealed cartridge bottom bracket for the Sugino 75 track crankset, a true 109mm ISO taper bottom bracket?". The answer for a very long time was unfortunately "no".
Well, after searching high and low (for what seems like a millennium)we found a manufacturer!

We have a few local messengers riding the first samples and they have been holding up superbly well. Granted it's no White Industries or Phil Wood with replaceable bearings; but it's also a fraction of the price." X BC Hellsinki Pre Xmas Bash

Collabo event with by and Helsinki Massive yesterday. Was Fun.

Group ride, Alleycat Team Race, Beer, Band, Party, Sauna, Chaos, Dancing. There was some wrestling too but no pics of that has surfaced yet...

Pics by Jesse.