Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Profile Racing Fixed/Fixed Hubs

Double fixed hubs, finally available. In anodized colors for all yo'all hipsters and tricksters out there. Hmmm, but it looks like the prices of all of their fixed hubs went up a bit. Or do I remember wrong?


Anonymous said...

Yeah colors suck, We should all have black and white or simply grey fixed gears so everybody would have the same fucking shit.

Jesus Christ! Stops tagging all the new and colorful components "made for hipster". It just damn annoying at the end. People will buy the hub they want.

Jussi said...

Dude, I dig those colors! I'd get the purple ones if I were to buy Profile hubs.

Also, yes, I know lot of people in US define 'hipster' as the worst thing you could label anyone. However, my take on this issue is purely ironic as I'm sure lots of real hard-core cyclists and messengers or whatever would put ME in the hipster category the first minute they saw me.

So chill homie, a'ight?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! No stress here, I know. I understand your point ;-)