Sunday, November 9, 2008

More 20" Fixed Conversions From The Man Who Brought Us The Fixed Dyno With Black Mags

I tend to keep an eye on the visitor statistics of my blog and one of my all time top posts has been the fixed gear bmx conversion, or the "Dyno With Black Mags". Why? You tell me. 

Anyhow, yesterday Dustin, who actually converted the Dyno, just emailed me about two of his similar later projects, as pictured above & below (click the pics...). I see he's been keeping busy and again I dig both his new creations. He also told me that the original fixed Dyno was sold over a year ago but it's still going strong with its new owner. 

Here's what these two new ones are about, in his own words:

* a crappy magna bmx, also converted to fixed. i built this shortly after the first one was finished. mods include vintage 20" bladed fork, 1- to 3-piece crank conversion, front mag wheel from a mongoose, and element stem/risers. gearing on this one was 52/15. this one has since been sold.

* 1970's gobby folding bike, made here in Arizona back in the day. its been converted to fixed. this bike is only used for monday night bike polo in tempe, where it excels with its maneuverability. original 1-piece cranks converted to 3-piece via american-to-euro bottom bracket conversion. gearing is 48/15, with 140mm truvativ jr.bmx cranks.

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n178 said...

Hi. I search google to find fixed gear BMX, and I see your blog. I make one. The bicycle is absolutly insane to ride. Very uncomfortable, but attractive. It is low budget bicycle. Almost all parts is from old Eastern Europe bicycles. Right crank arm is Gipiemme Pista 144BCD, left crank arm is Shimano Deore Lx ;((. Chainring is 54 tooth Stronglight from road bicycle. Cog is 16 tooth. Exactly 66.5 gear inches. Tyres is 47/406 or 1,75x20 standart BMX tyres. Rear hub is machined from solid piece of steel. Handlebar is 33cm wide /center to center/. 93cm wheelbase. Weight exactly 11kg or 24.5 lbs. Sry 4 my bad English.
Some pics of the bicycle: