Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Super Deep Aero Rims: Dodici *

Even when the H+Son rims debate is still going on, maybe it's time to introduce yet another new brand of super deep aero rims for your fixed gear bike. Jacopo and the people behind the Vintage Pista blog are from Italy and they've recently produced their own brand of Dodici deep aero rims: 

"More than 40mm height, Incredible Hulk-like strenght, 32 and 36 holes!

Only 1662 grams per set.

Available in powder coated black, white and now also in uncoated rough finish

If I'm correct, the rims are manufactured in Italy and what's also pretty interesting is the fact that, again I might be wrong here, but the rims appear to be modeled after the legendary and hard-to-find Gipiemme Tecno 416 rims of the 1990s. Ok, Dodici rims have more spoke holes than 416s but still. 

On the other hand, the sellers are comparing their rims to Campy Shamals and and I guess the weight is on the same range between these two. In any case, Dodici rims are bit heavier than Deep Vs, DP18s or H+Sons so maybe they really are strong as well, who knows. 

My man Lauri will be lacing up a pair of these rims very soon and I'm interested in seeing how they will look like in real life. 

You can order directly from the blog or from the Ebay, where they are selling ready-laced wheels too. 

You might want to also check out the Vintage Pista blog because they seem to have quite lot of other interesting stuff for sale there as well, vintage Italian track frames and the like...


Anonymous said...

"A bit" heavier? "Only" (!) 1662 grams per set = 830g/rim, that's an anchor! DeepV and H+Sons are 580g, CXP33s are 450g, Open Pros are 430g...

jacopo said...

i am jacopo at dodici cicli , i like this blog, these rims are made by gipiemme, IN ITALY, the profile is exactly the same as the thecno 416, we ,made them make more holes in order to suit better the city street we run every day, in milano for example is full of stone s and holes, and had them coatpainted in various colors.
soon i will have new rims also made by gipiemme but with out brakewall.
this dont are unbrakeble and are a higher profile than the velocity and the least one cm more.
and then have you ever laced up a velocity rim?
i think they are the worst shit ever they bent from every side, very hard to keep straight, in my opinion.
this is why we think our product stands above all other kind of rims, unless you whant a softer and less aero wheel.
thanks again for your interest and ride the streets!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. Though they might look really nice, and could be very well made and strong, they are significantly heavier then most other rims out there, and for the price... I mean if they designed them for the street with more spoke holes, and you plan on riding them on street there are plenty of other much lighter less expensive rims which also hold up extremely well (open pros for example). They are pretty though.

Anonymous said...

I got me a pair of these uncoated rims, actually its 799 grams, and the rims are separated into 3 separated inner chambers, therefore the thoughness and strenght.of course a 200 gram difference is unacceptable if you're into professional racing. otherwise you'd be just a prick complaining about something you don't know.