Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Would You Buy Some Rare Italian Bike Parts From These Gentlemen? Only US $100,000.00

What's up with this? It's the global recession coming, I guess. 

"Cash in now, baby!", like Perry Farrell said back in 1987: 


asb said...

Ok, that is a sort of ridiculous "buy it now" price. Guarantees publicity (like the $100000 gold plated, diamond encrusted sewer pipe bike) doesn't it?

What is the current street price for two super trendy track bikes, two super trendy road frames and a gold plated Super Record gruppo? Anyone care to register to eBay and check what the actual offers are?

Angelo R. said...

ebay will not show the actual offer, just the date of the offer and whether it is pending, declined, or accepted.

tiny said...

Right... and at the moment it's showing 47 offers, all declined.

When I first saw promos for the "collaboration" (if you would call it that) I thought the polka-dots was kinda cool... maybe it's just the low light shots but they both look pretty ugly built-up.

Whoever used that blue and black bar-wrap should be shot.