Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Kinfolk Lounge Tokyo

I've been informed about the new Kinfolk Lounge opening in Nakameguro, Tokyo. Well, the bar looks very nice and comfy and what's best they have a bunch of Keirin frames hanging from the rafters. 

Now my only question would be, 'Can I have one purple 54cm 3Rensho with my Ginger Mint Mojito, please?'

Actually, what's more interesting is that the people behind the bar have also a hook-up with Kusaka-san, a well-known builder who ran Vivalo for almost thirty years, and who's apparently now building Kinfolk Cycles for them. I'm waiting to hear more about this. 

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Unknown said...

Bikes are nice, You already know his work,,We got a few for family first, but should be ready for new friends by January. Thanks for giving us a little light.

Maceo Eagle

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