Monday, November 10, 2008

Pics From Tokyo Cycle Mode 2008

Some pics from Tokyo Cycle Mode, in 3Bancho's Flickr. Arigato!

Stuff like: GranCompe tires in rainow colors, plenty tuff looking DC Shoes "P.K. Ripper" fixed bike, camouflage hubs by Skid Cycles in Seoul, and a Kuwahara track bike 


hardcore100 said...

yo what's up! thanx for the post.

btw, that camo hub is just
something my friend had at the
cycle mode. not really from
cycle mode. but yeah, it's cool.

it's originally made from a
fixed gear bike shop in korea.

Unknown said...

Hah, I've heard that Nishiki is also bringing a budget priced fixies to the market. But Kuwahara also...

Oh my.