Monday, March 10, 2008

Dyno with Black Mags. Fixed.

An important aspect of the Fixed Gear culture is building and the constant upgrading of your bike(s). Well, some people are more innovative than others and manage to take their crazy ideas even further out there.

Fixed Gear Gallery is the most popular place to show yours and marvel (and diss) at others' creations. Between the endless supply of mostly boring and crappy road bike conversions sometimes some real jewels of DIY innovativeness pop up.

Like this one here. Dyno with black mags. Fixed gear, of course. Brilliant. 

And what's even better, it's currently for sale, here,  for only 100 USD. I bet it'll be gone before you can say 'click the link'. In addition, there's even a cool rap song that praises the magical combo of GT Dyno with black mags.

There's also recently been lot of talk about the revival of the BMX, referring mostly to old school 1980s bikes that everyone used to ride as kids, and also the fact that the current style trend of fixed gear bikes after the MASH SF film seems to veering increasingly towards doing BMX tricks on a track bike that's pimped & blinged up to look more and more like a big BMX. 

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