Friday, March 7, 2008

Puma Presents Fixed Gear 101: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE!

Puma was the first big brand to get hip to the whole fixed gear trend and to support their FG specific clothes line they put together and sponsored a team of NYC messengers and put out a Puma Presents Fixed Gear 101 -guide, which was originally dealt out for free between the free and always very excellent Vice Mag. However, due to the limited supply of the printed version and growing demand some smartasses have selling the free guide on Ebay, like this asshole here.

I'm also sure that many n00bs and wannabe hipsters have accidently bought it. Well, that's just plain stupid because the PDF version of the guide is freely available on teh interwebz all the time.

Click here for the Puma Presents Fixed Gear 101

Thanks to Fixie King in Denmark for hosting it. Incidentally, they also run a cool real life shop in Copenhagen AND a webstore for all your FG needs, if you're in Europe, that is.

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