Friday, March 14, 2008

Bike Thieves in London Town: Emma's Lovely Vivalo Stolen...

I've been checking out the London Fixed Gear and Single Speed forum a lot lately and it seems like bike theft is a big issue in London, unfortunately. There's been so much of that nastiness going on lately that some people put up a blog reporting stolen bikes, here

What's even more scary is the fact that it appears that the crooks stealing bikes in London are often highly professional and efficient with proper tools and knowledge, not just some sad sick junkies trying their luck. 

If you want to read more about how to protect your bike AND to see how easily the real pros will nick your ride, look here. That stuff is genuinely disturbing. 

"Stolen from outside Tesco on Bethnal Green Rd, London, was locked up and only left for 2 mins. Bike description: 50cm Vivalo Gloss Black with rainbow sparkles, Dura-Ace sealed NJS headset, Nitto Stem, Riser's with Grey Champ grips, Grey seatpost with EGKS written on the side in black marker pen, Kashimax black saddle, Dura-Ace cranks (90's), MKS clips(odd one is a medium one is a large), Single black toe straps, Shimano Bottom Bracket, Front wheel- Dura Ace hub radial laced with black spokes on a white Velocity Deep V, Rear wheel- Dura-Ace hub Laced 3x with silver spokes on a Black Velocity Deep V. Note: one of the hubs has been custom coloured, instead of a navy blue background with white shimano dura-ace text... it is a white background with black text, (inversed) the owner is very sad, this is a one of a kind bike. She will be so happy if she can get it back. Thanks in advance.

If you have any information on this bike email:

Let's hope she gets her lovely ride back ASAP. 

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tiny said...

I wish the "lock-testers" had been a bit more specific about the locks they were testing...

Sucks for that girl, if I could afford a bike that nice I don't think I'd ever lock it up outside (but would leave it locked-up inside; every little bit helps).