Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Far East Smokin' Skidderz PROMO3 (REDUX???)

How come I think I already saw this ages ago and even posted it here...? Anyhow, props for the wacky name and good to see that not everyone in Japan is doing some super-tricktracky flatland 700cmx stuff all the time.

The Revival & Helsinki Fixed Night

So, The Revival screening and the party afterwards at We Got Beef was much fun last night. Thanks to everyone who was there or who was otherwise involved!

Pics by tnts once again.
(Also, note the first public sighting of the KRNKY cycling accessories, more to follow...)

Chrome Kinfolk

Super nice clean & classic build of an all-chromed Kinfolk. All of the Kinfolk frames built by Kusaka-san just look so good.

Pic from here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

JAN 2009 Recoup

End of year review NzNz from NZNZman on Vimeo.

Gran Royale // The Lurker

Meet Burt Benson from Gran Royale on Vimeo.

I'm digging and then again I'm NOT really digging this video. Everything there including the name of the brand is bit too much of a lame rip-off (or is it rather a homage?) from the Beastie Boys and their Grand Royal magazine circa 1995. In fact maybe I need to dig up my Grand Royal collection from the basement archive now and read them all over again.

And the video above is an ad for their Lurker tricktrack bike.


Shanghai Alleycat 2009 Official Video from People's Bike on Vimeo.

Considered Getting Into Cyclocross?

This has been posted everywhere already ages ago but it is kind of on the point and funny so here we go.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Woking Schwinn

Pic from Pete_D's Flickr.

Street Justice in Wenzhou, China

"Two thieves on a motor-scooter flew by and snatched a womans purse on a street in Wenzhou, China. Surveillance video shows a man riding a bicycle. As he was passing by the front of a hotel near where the thievery happened, he stopped, calmly got off his bicycle, picked it up, and then threw it at the thieves. The bicycle hit them, they lost control, and crashed to the ground."

via Prolly.

Bunch of Videos from Past Days

Blinking Yellow from Armand Kohandani on Vimeo.

Mårten & Jakob from Boonphotography on Vimeo.

Turning Tricks - Episode 19 - Dirty Tricks Ride from KrEEEstowfUr on Vimeo.

K@nta Claus from k@nt! on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

...yeah, it's me riding on the clip. Signing off now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Revival Screening // Helsinki Fixed Night at We Got Beef 29.12.2009

To finish off a great year proudly presents:
* * * THE REVIVAL & Helsinki Fixed Night * * *

-> The Revival screening & after the movie:
Drinks, dancing, madness & All Star DJ Champ team w/ Bugbear, TOKOI, T/N/T/S & yourstruly on the Wheels of Steel.

Time & Place:
Tuesday 29.12.2009, starting at 21.00
We Got Beef, Iso-Roobertinkatu 21, Punavuori Helsinki
Free Entry!

+ The event is on Facebook now too, sign up if you feel inclined.

Laila by Ray Tracing // Dark Days

Laila by Ray Tracing via ZLOG.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow here, snow everywhere...

Stole the pic from tnts.

GOrilla Kilroy

KILROY from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

"After slamming and breaking our prototypes in public and in front of cameras, we finally started production of the Kilroy frame. The tests that Wonka ran lead to the conclusion that we had to manufacture a tube set just for this frame, with particular reinforced parts to absorb and handle the stress of the jumps. Together with Columbus we decided to change the alloy in order to avoid very thick and heavy tubes and gain in strength nevertheless. We are proud to present the first freestyle frame in Niobium steel. The Columbus Niobium steel is a special micro alloyed steel with Manganese, Chrome, Nickel, Molybdenum and Niobium that is designed to provide superior mechanical properties

We went to Italy for the launch of the production and invited Wonka to join us and get involved into the process of creation. Thanks to Renaud Skyronka for filming this monumental happening."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jordan Hufnagel by Level Magazine

"A film for Level magazine / by Jared Souney as seen previously on

Craftsmen are a different breed. They are meticulous, working hours on end in solidarity, repeating simple processes over and over in search of perfection. They are a patient people.

Jordan Hufnagel is a custom bike builder from Portland, Oregon, one of Americas most bicycle-friendly cities. Hufnagel Cycles, hand built by Jordan, are known for their clean lines. Building everything from Track bikes to Road bikes to Cyclocross bikes, Jordans creations are increasing in demand around the globe.

Countless hours of brazing, sanding and polishing materialize into some amazing works of art.

A slideshow of Jared's photos of Hufnagel can be seen here:"

My Gazelle Champion Mondial

I haven't bothered posting pics of my own bikes for a long time but here we go since my new project is ready:

A mid-1970s Dutch Gazelle Champion Mondial Baanfiets (=dutch for a track bike) built up with more or less random parts mostly left over from a Vivalo I sold a while ago. Lugged Reynolds 531 tubing all the way with extremely tight wheel clearances front and rear. And with a ridiculously steep steering angle, which of course equals fun riding on the city streets. The frame is super beat-up but still kinda beautiful, maybe exactly because of that.

'Fantastic Fixed Gear Calculator!'

There's tons of different types of gearing calculators out there, some good, some maybe less so.

Here's yet another one, SURPLACE Fantastic Fixed Gear Calculator! which actually looks pretty fantastic to me. I like especially the equivalent gear table which many other calculators miss. Check it out!

Plus thanks to Otto for pointing this out for me.

Campy Belt Buckle

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vintage Style

Yeah, you've probably seen the pic before but I just had to post it. The vibe is so cool and relaxed. Classic style!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grace by Brenton Salo

More Brenton's photography in his Flicrk HERE.

Meanwhile in Athens...

Guadalajara Bike Polo

fixi3 polo en guadalajara from e2pora on Vimeo.

Mexico represeting on the hardcourt. Ay caramba! (I just had to say it...)

Volume Thrasher

First pic of the new Thrasher, which is of course a dedicated trick/freestyle frame from Volume Bikes. But will the Thrasher replace the Cutter or what, I've no idea.

Pic for Wednesday

Monday, December 14, 2009

What the ...?

Coolrain Fixie Hipster Figures

"Korean toy-maker and customizer Coolrain recently put together the following series of figures for fellow Korean retailer Kasina. Four different versions mimic what is arguable some of the current influences within streetwear on both a fixed gear/skate and fashion perspective."

Not for me thanks, but someone might dig these, I guess.

From Hypebeast, where else?.

BLB Straight Chrome 1" Forks

New BLB 1" forks, chromed lugged steel, straight blade design and threaded. Looks quite nice and even the price is somewhat reasonable. No info on the rake though, and it's drilled for a brake, if that makes any difference.

But looking at this, my #1 choice would still be the Starfuckers fork.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Old School Bianchi Pista

There's an interesting older Bianchi track bike on our Finnish online auction site.

The seller claims it is from1940s or 1950s and that "it has been raced on the track at national level" and comes with two pairs of wheels, the other with wooden rims. It will be a cool project for someone and as far as I can see it looks to be quite similar to the nice restored one I posted here earlier.

Tnts managed to extract what appears to be correct sizing info from the seller and it's obviously way too big for me. Frankly I'm relieved. But here's some more photos:

"We are Flat Fix"

flat fix -2009- from jun iwai on Vimeo.


Saw this over at Lockedcog. From RVAfixed. Damn.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

El Diablo

Takhion // Soviet Track Frames

Remember those super-funky Takhion CCCP track bikes?

Well, someone has some of those for sale HERE.

WBASE X Stussy Collabo Lock & Tee

As seen at Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan.

Maas Van Beek // Hour Record on BIG Gear

"Maas van Beek broke the hour record behind a derny on Monday in Moscow. The Dutchman reached 66.443 kilometers behind pacemaker Wilco van der Hoorn. The previous record holder was Matthé Pronk with 66.017 kilometers.

Van Beek was pushing an enormous gear of 70x13 during the hour, according to De Telegraaf. He started out with an average of 67km/h and reached the 50-kilometer mark with an average of 66.717 km/h."!

But WTF? No seat, no disc or other aero wheels and no mitts?

Ok, it turns out that the pic above I first posted is not from his record-breaking race but from some entirely else weird attempt to ride without a saddle for some reason. The pic below is the real thing.

Brooks Limited Ed. 2009

From Carnival Tokyo. See more HERE.

Rossin Ghibli Pursuit One More Time

Having ridden Olli's new bike a little bit tonight, I'm just saying aaaaaw shit! It's HOT!

(Pic below by Tuhto.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tour of Singapore

T.O.S Teaser from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

Next weekend, check out Crank Arm Steady for more info.

Pristine Shop Amsterdam Opening

Hmmm, it's been a while since I've been to A-dam. But if I went there, I'd probably forget about going to bike shops and rather entertain myself by doing something completely different...