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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fashion Bike Look

Stolen from 2Fresh. Kiitos.

Cory's Bike

With the exception of those straps I find this bike extremely desirable. More photos here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Telaio per bici da pista ESEMPLARE UNICO"


Apparently "a unique prototype" aluminum track frame. Pictures speak for themselves.

Miglos spotted this. I feel bad for you, man.

Olli's 1/2012

Olli's new custom Takhion-styled street whip. Built from salvaged/recycled tubing for himself on the side with his ongoing 2CV Hot Rod project.

More project photos here.


Via Prolly.

Friday, May 25, 2012

At the Helsinki Velodrome

Tnts, Super-Judda and the boys at the Käpylä velodrome this morning.

Clip shot & edited by tnts.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The 1896 Marathon Race Revival

The 1896 Classic Marathon Race Revival
 (track and fixed gear only)
Saturday 16 June 2012
48x17 Cycles, Veikou 2, 11742, Makriyianni, Athens

For its first year anniversary on June 16th, 48x17 Cycles in Athens, with the support of Trimble Racing, is hosting a track and fixed gear endurance race from Athens to Marathon Lake and back. Covering a distance of 66,6 km the race pays tribute to the sole road cycling event of the first Modern Olympic Games of 1896. Back then gears, brakes and deralleurs were not yet invented and all bicycles were fixed gear and brakeless. Greek Aristides Konstantinides won the gold, followed by German August von Gödrich and Briton Edward Battel. With Tokyo Fixed and Cadence prizes, music and drinks at the 48x17 premises and free accommodation available for international riders, let’s see what goes down this time. Join the most epic of all races. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Colinelli Piste Plongeant

LeCre's Colinelli velo de piste plongeant, bought from the Auxerre velodrome in Marseille. More photos here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

HELLsinki Goldsprints - Now with moving images!

 Warning! This video features male semi-nudity.

I promise no more anything about this event ever again after this.

Osku filmed and edited the clip. Very cool.

Felt TK2 good, man.

Successor and slight upgrade from my last summer's weapon of choice for the velodrome: Felt TK2. Pretty much stock, except for the wheels, stem and saddle. Took the bike for a spin around the block yesterday, so dialed in. Felt good, man.

Portland Bikeway Network Evolution 1980 - ...

"(The map) shows the evolution of Portland's bikeways from 1980 to the present, and is a good visual reminder that great biking cities are made deliberately; they don't start out already formed, people have to put in the effort of making them bike friendly."

Via Treehugger.

Meanwhile in Hainan, China

"The need for a place dedicated to bicycle enthusiasts was answered with an inspirational project in Hainan, China. Bicycle Club was designed by NL Architects and is an impressive cycling pavilion, meant to bring people together and encourage one of the greatest sports."

Via Freshhome.

VMP. "Kaupunkipyöriä ei tule kesäksi"

"Helsingissä on edessä jo kuudes peräkkäinen kesä, jolloin käytössä ei ole kaupunkipyöriä. Vielä kevättalvella eläteltiin toiveita, että uusia cityfillareita päästäisiin edes koeajamaan, mutta nyt on varmistunut, että hanke lykkääntyy edelleen."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

HELLSinki Goldsprints

Photos from last night's Goldsprints by K1M

Rafu the Messenger, on the left bike in the last photo, won the sprints with mad sprints. Next we'll race him at the velodrome.

HELLsinki Goldsprints

First time in Finland since 2006. Fun times, but now my legs feel like wet logs. More photographic evidence and results to come soon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PAJAFEST 2012 18.-20.5. @HELLsinki

PAJAFEST 2012 18.-20.5.
Nonprofit D.I.Y. FESTIVAL
Konttiaukio, Kalasatama
16:00 ->
KURA | Perikato | Armless Children | Valehtelijat | Bloodshit Gutsfuck | Melusaaste | Småstadsliv | DJ EVKMO | DJ Natural Selecta
21:30 Helsinki Night Ride
22:00 Alleycat race
11:00 Morning porridge
12:00 Workshops: Bicycle tire repair, DIY-tattoo, First aid
15:00 Food (OSK82 + Oranssi)
16:00 ->
Vendida | Palace Beautiful | Trifling Days | Nolls | Achtungs | Kovaa Rasvaa | Centipede | Cold Pupu Sauna | Hampsu Huudeilta & Goofy | OD Kokemus | Hipedi |  MEGADISCO | DJ Bishop Hell
Tallbike jousting
14:00 Bring your own food and share for brunch
Good Band
Bike wars
D.I.Y. Bicycle workshop open every day with tools, parts and possible help.
No accomodation!

Just Because...



Monday, May 14, 2012

"Hiltusen Pyörähuoltoon kunnostamaan fixiä."

13:37, 14.5.2012  » 
Paavo Arhinmäki @ Facebook - 12:42, 14.5.2012  »  
"Guerillamarkkinointi toimii. Löysin sähkökaappitarran perusteella oman kaupunginosan fillarikorjaamon. Yksi rengas vaihdettu ja iltpäivällä Hiltusen Pyörähuoltoon kunnostamaan fixiä."

BAD MAN: Cyclist Massive

"12 tracks of anger-fuelled dancehall ragga music, inspired by 12 years of cycle courierisationment. Nobody can test this ex-cycle courier’s temperament. This is the album of the year! – Raggatisation Magazine"

 Via Keirin Berlin.

Me nuh find dis BAD MAN on bombaclot youtube Babylon, so let's listen to a random Cyclist Riddim mix instead:

Brussels Express Documentary

"A documentary about bike messengers in Brussels, the most congested city in Europe with only 4% cycling traffic. (2012 - 19 min)"


Reppin' Lahti Fixie Scene

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Washington DC Courier Culture

A cool short movie. Respect.

Via Urban Velo.

Mildly Fascinating

As the title says. This could be good, but somewhat disappointingly it really is not. He meets some guys riding horses on the trail, and like, that's it? I don't know, man. What was I expecting anyway?

Afa's Golden Vivalo

So hot, like it's 2007 all over again!

Last Night's Manifest


S and M

Aaand it's entirely up to you how you read this...

Kiitos Zigura.

Blue Rossin Pista

This 1980s NOS Rossin Record Pista frame spent years and years hanging on the ceiling at the back of the Velosport bike shop in Käpylä, Helsinki, yet it still shines like the day it came out of the workshop. Finally it has an owner and a new home. Congratulations!

Pics stolen from Johi.

Tom La Marche w/ P-Fix

Tom La Marche "takki auki", as we say around here.

Seen in Moscow. FIGHT THE POWER !!!

"A photo circulating the Internet that is being called “Moscow’s Tiananmen image” is poised to become the iconic face of the pro-democracy protests gripping Russia in the wake of President Vladimir Putin’s election. The picture shows a little boy sitting on a bicycle in front of a wall of Russian police."

From here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Only Fixie in Dubai?

Above, as seen in Dubai. Below is a different story.

Both photos stolen from vesQ.


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