Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paris Premiere Contest edit

Paris Premiere Contest edit from Sho Kosughi on Vimeo.

Here's an edit from last Sunday's trick competition at La Defence in Paris. The Misfts as the soundtrack...

"For sale, Track Bike, £200,000 o.n.o."

Wanna ride bike just like Chris Hoy's? Sure about that?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watch Out!

More of the same-ish stuff I posted yesterday. Also gives me yet another excuse, or stupid 'aasinsilta', to post this bangin' track again for the umteenth time:

Guerilla Marketing

Call the dispatcher!

Poppin' Wheelies

Yeah, that's Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) lifting his front wheel off the track there.

The Mittens // Paris to London

If boys do it, girls can do it too. Paris to London in 24 hours.
Way to go!

The Coffee Cat

Bike Snob NYC

So, Eben Weiss pictured here is the mysterious Bike Snob NYC.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Premiere Contest Paris

Trailer Premiere Contest from SoundTrack on Vimeo.

Sorry, it was yesterday actually. Pics, vids and other stuff at


[DRAFT] PREMIERE_FOOT_DOWN_WIN from Staynerv on Vimeo.

Test of the new gopro HD of Staynerv from SoundTrack on Vimeo.

Starting bid: US $20,500.00 (Reserve not met)

You can buy it HERE.

"This 1970's complete and unabridged English Campagnolo tool case is nicely used and has been very well cared for over the years. All the tools are sharp and in 'like new' condition. I am the second owner of this case. The first owner was a frame builder in Rhode Island in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. Then when he decided not to build frames anymore I bought the set from him. I had worked for him for 4 years at that point. From there I went on to be a bicycle race mechanic and am still at it to this day. I should say that this kit is complete and original in every way and that ever piece of it works as Campagnolo had intended. There are a few minor scratches on the outside of the case. There is NO rust on any of the tools. All are clean and well oiled. There is also a Chris King 1 1/8 headset adapter included in the case as seen in photo number 8. This is certainly one of the most very pristine Campy tool sets left in the world. This set is no longer being made and hasn't been in many years. It is truly quite rare!

As for shipping, I will have a custom case built just for the purpose on getting this case to you in one piece.


PS..... Due to social unrest and numerous scam like activity I will not sell or ship to Mexico or anywhere in Africa. "

And please note that I AM NOT THE SELLER, mmm'kay? I get pretty often emails asking if I still have the nice stuff I link from Ebay for sale, the Cinelli Laser and the two previous Tool Boxes of Dreams being particular favorites.

São Paulo Bike Polo

São Paulo Bike Polo on TV from Pablo Gallardo on Vimeo.

Via Juice Studio.


It's a pile-up!

Pics from UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2010 last weekend. Unfortunately I don't have the source of photos or more info right now but I'll try to update later.

Just look at that BMC Track Machine (or half of it, actually) fly, whoooaah!

'Selle Italia'


YU short Edit. from YU KU$UMOTOh! on Vimeo.

Weekend In Pictures

A very useful book. ;)
And for the record, this didn't take me the whole weekend...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Danny McAskill in Chamonix

Sure, everybody knows he's like reallyreallyreally GOOD but damn, some of the things he does just blows my mind.

Via Milanofixed.

3TTT The Sphinx

Check these out, the very brand new 'sculpted' track bars by Tecno Tubo Torino, funkily nickanamed 'The Sphinx'. Interesting, must be functional obviously, and pretty ugly too ATMO. While we're all gripping bit too tightly our un-wrapped 34cm narrow steel B123s, maybe it's good to see what the serious guys are into these days.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey, it's Jared!

Yeah, everybody knew already that he rides a sweet fixie biek.
But just how sweet...

Serious Fixed Gear Business

Ride Like You Stole It

Chainthug's design for the t-shirt contest.
Full Of Win, I'd say.

Yeah! // Lazzaraza Teaser

Lazzaraza Teaser from Timmy De La Fuente on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Walmart $149.00 "Fixed-Speed Bike"

Yeah, here we go, finally the end really is near.

"The new 700C Mongoose Cachet Bike offers the ultimate experience in simplicity and style. Single-speed gearing makes for easy and intuitive riding. Caliper brakes and high-profile colored rims add urban style. 
700C Men's Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike:
Aluminum frame with rigid fork
Lightweight and responsive ride
Single speed
Front and rear caliper brakes ensure precise stops
High-profile colored rims add urban style
Assembly required"

Read all about it from Prolly's.

RE: Save The Track Bike!


Olmo Pista Scatto

There are Italian classic track bikes for sale on Ebay all the time but somehow this Olmo Pista Mod. Scatto looks nicer than plenty of others. Columbus Brain is known to be top-notch tubing and the straight chrome fork looks damn neat. The bike's unfortunately not my size...

Riding In Line

You've probably seen this before but it's just such an EPIC photo.

Source: Bikecult here and here.

Madrid, 23 de marzo de 2010.

Madrid - 23 de marzo 2010 from holke79 on Vimeo.

Ice Age Oulu 2010 // 3.4.2010 Oulu, Finland

More Crit-type racing, this in the grim, dark & freezing north!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steven's New Rims

new rims edit from steven jensen on Vimeo.

When I posted Steve Jensen's previous video a while ago someone commented about the scary sounds his bike makes when he rides and sure enough, you can hear all that same creaking and clanking again. I'd be pretty annoyed if that was my whip...

In Case You Need Messenger Services In Helsinki...

Fous du Bike Polo

Via Cicli Dodici.

Found In A Barn

Unknown track frame found in some barn somewhere in Finland. Apparently there were also two old Bianchis in the same place. Damn!

I stole the pic from the new owner, Tommi.

Drawin' & Ridin'

Warren sent me the link, thanks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Dumbfoundead - Night Riders'

...ummmmm, dude, somewhow I'm not so sure about this. I still think I prefer THIS instead:

Night Riders via ZLOG.

Ice Age 2010 Criterium Race // HELLsinki 24.3.2010

It will be Dark. Icy Cold. Slippery. Freezing Wet. Dangerous. Stupid. Fixed Only. Fun.

And yes, it was probably inspired by the Red Hook Criterium but it will be different because it's still winter up in here...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Massan - For Leader Bikes!

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

Wolfpack Hustle - Crash The Marathon

Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race 2010 from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

Wolfpack Crash the Marathon from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Bike Messenger San Francisco 1992 Remix

So this is what it was like is SF wayyyyy before the MASH dudes traded their skateboards for track bikes with Aerospokes?

Video Radness!!!

Whoa bro, mad skidzzzz! Fixed gear in reverse? Pure magic!

Cool fo'sho. Not as great as this Dutch classic, though:

This last one here on the other hand is maybe a tad bit too long but The Pixies is one of my all-time favorite bands so here we go:

While I usually love Adidas Originals...

... I just don't dig this ad.

Fixin' 2 Die

Fixin' To Die Trailer from EndlessScummer on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010


Vintage spot featuring Vanni Pettenella.

RE: Fight Back

If you read Prolly's blog and read about this stupidity here, you might want to buy the t-shirt above from HERE. The same seller has more of them, just look into their sale page here. 

'This is the BEST FIXIE human can build...'

"This is the BEST FIXIE human can build for road/city use 6.7kg (excl pedals) custom handle bar to go between the cars and keep the right line and low profile PRO wheels not to catch side wind on the cross roads"

I'm not going to post a pic so that you can try and guess what this 'BEST FIXIE' could possibly be, before you click to see it for sale HERE. Please note also the asking price.


'Common Bicycling Injuries'

Thanks Jesse.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charge Bikes: Fixed 4

Fixed 4 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

'Hey you bearded hipster there, down on those drops, NOW!'

Rock'n'Rollin @ INSEP from Julien Rideau on Vimeo.

Nice looking velodrome!

The Hellacopters on the soundtrack, which reminds me of the time years ago when I met the guys on the street on the way to a bar after seeing their totally rocking show at the Tavastia. Nice dudes, Nicke Andersson even told me to ride safely because I was on my bike and obviously pretty damn intoxicated... ;)

Goldsprint Bahnrahmen / Track Frame

Here's a new classic looking lugged steel track frameset from Germany. Hand-built with Columbus Zona tubing, sporting 'aggressive short track geometry' and not drilled for brakes.

I guess you could do much worse for the 499€ price tag. I'm not quite sure about the name/decals but besides that I would def ride that.

Alex who's selling these told me that he also deals custom frames so basically everything the customer wants is possible. Get in touch with him if you're interested.

Read more HERE and check out the Flickr gallery HERE.

"Wie einige schon bei St. Paulopoly sehen konnten ist es endlich soweit, die ersten nach unseren Vorstellungen und Vorgaben gebauten Rahmen sind eingetroffen. Die hier abgebildete in Handarbeit gefertigte Basisversion des gemufften Goldsprint Bahnrahmens wurde aus hochwertigen Columbus Zona Stahl gefertig und verfügt über eine klassische, agressiv kurze Bahngeometrie. Die verbaute 1″ Gabel gibt es mit oder ohne Bremsbohrung zu erwerben. Das hochwertig verarbeitete Rahmenset gibt es zum unschlagbaren Preis von 499 €! Darüber hinaus nehmen wir ab sofort auch Aufträge für Maßrahmen und Sonderwünsche entgegen. Im Prinzip ist alles möglich..andere Rohrsätze, andere Geometrien, muffenlos gelötet, Chrom…einfach alles. Anfragen an info[at]"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Souplesse Trailer 2

Souplesse Web Trailer 2 from Derred Andy on Vimeo.

Saint Patrick's Day

Il Popolo della Gamagoolo

トップレーサーへの道 Vol. 1 - 4

Islabikes Reis 20": Kids Track Bike

Yes. It is 4REAL, like Richey Manic notoriously expressed it.

Someone emailed me recently asking whether kids-sized track bikes are available anywhere and I told him no, but I was obviously very wrong. And of course they've existed in the past too, like this one here, and the famous custom one here. Anyhow, now your offspring can haz a sweet fixie biek just like daddy haz...

"Experience the thrill of racing on your local velodrome on this real track bike for ambitious young racers. The frame has clearance to accept grass track tyres (sold separately) and will even accept brakes for a cool ‘mini-fixie'"

Buy it HERE.

Konkeli gets mad props for pointing this out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Shot 'Polo Bike'

This might or might not be a new product but I kinda like it. Also, I'm not exactly sure what's the "polo" part here but I bet a fixed minivelo would be tons of fun to ride around town. And it's not too expensive either.

Check it out HERE.

Since everybody just posted this too...

All from these guys here.


You might not like this with the gears and all but I do.

Tricktrack bike with 26" wheels?

BFF 2010 Submission Deadline EXTENDED


The Bicycle Film Festival screens films and videos documenting, depicting, promoting and supporting bike culture in all it's forms. Films can be any length, but to be eligible for our shorts programs, we prefer films under 10 minutes."

CLICK here for more info on how to submit your film.

There's still time.
Just get filmin' now, you could be like these dudes here!!!

...unless they happen to decide to submit their kick-ass film.

Nasty! // The Rise

WRAHW Welcomes Nasty from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

Nasty from Japan seems to be the one and only guy at the moment who's at least trying to bring some speed into the equation here. Compare any of the recent clips I've been posting here to any BMX video out there and even if the tricks on big fixed bikes are all the time getting more and more technical and even bigger, you cannot help thinking how clumsy the sh*t looks like most of time. No speed = no flow, no style. Simple as that.

And just for the conversation's sake and in reference to Prolly's post yesterday, let me state here that people getting 26" wheels, mickey mouse gearing, smaller or compact frames and whatnot is cheating if you're rolling fixed ATMO. You might as well get a BMX cruiser or a dirt jump bike then...

The-rise teaser from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

Monday, March 15, 2010