Thursday, March 4, 2010

'Don't sell your Track Bike for a Road Bike'

Buttons by Tracko, for sale at 1 dollar each, HERE.

"Who doesn't love buttons? And who doesn't like making a statement? This isn't political. I'm not here to tell you what kind of bike to ride. Because really... I don't care as long as you're on a bike. This is just a little reminder of where everyone came from. A much simpler time, one more about community. A time when people relied on each other for information rather than some blog or forum. A time when you didn't have a rode a Track Bike because that is all there was. There was no CMX, most had never even heard of Cyclocross, Road Bikes had gears and Mountain Bikes where just a no no. Don't sell your Track Bike for a Road Bike. Don't forget about your Track Bike because your CMX is more fun. Don't forget that before Cyclocross was ever cool Track Bikes introduced you and many others to this wonderful thing called cycling. The Track Bike will forever be in my heart. It has been a huge part of my life, the person I am and the people I have grown to love. So now it is time for me to give back to the Track Bike. I am doing this by trying my hardest to never let anyone forget what an amazing machine the Track Bike is and forever will be."

Interestingly these buttons have been posted on about every blog out there is but no one has really said anything about the weird write-up above. Are people just waiting for Bike Snob NYC to discover this?

Political or not, buttons like these are about making a statement once you buy it and pin it on your messenger bag or flat brimmed baseball cap or wherever. I do agree with the point made by Kyle/Tracko, even if I'm currently more excited about my road bike winter projects than hoarding ever more vintage track components I don't need. However, somehow publicly stating something like the  fact that messengers riding real track bikes on the NYC streets is where the whole fixed gear phenomena originally started always rubs some people like the singlespeed MTB brahs or the road bike conversion-loving Sheldon's disciples the wrong way.

Also, does this implicate that selling your sweet color-coordinated fixie biek in order to afford to buy a proper geared road bike, a über street-credible cyclocross bike or a 700cmx tricktrack bike for that matter, proves that you were into riding a track bike because of all the wrong reasons?

But you know what? I ordered one.

EDIT. And yes, he did it... 


tiny said...

I imagine it was meant to be a joke or something, but for whatever reason the "there were only track bikes" bit irks me... it had to be a fashion statement for cycling to be "C"ool?

Did none of these people grow up riding bikes all the time?

I know, I know... "the Zen" and all. It's true, simple bikes are fun.

Admittedly I had being a messenger to get me "in to" cycling. Funny the way that works.

Whether the trend dies or not, at least we're guaranteed a large supply of parts to last til kingdom come...

But then, admittedly I'm riding the same trackbike that's been my primary ride since 96 or so... I always cite the "more parts" argument for the trend being a positive thing, when in reality I almost never buy any parts.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.

Anonymous said...

standard track bikes are where it's at. always been that way, always will be.

road bikes are great, but that's a whole other thing. one has nothing to do with the other. apples and oranges and mtbs or whatever.

matter of fact i remember when we were in austin and jonathan was talking himself up about how he was gonna sell his track bike when we got back to sf. because he's so into road bikes and he'd only ride a track biek again if we got free cinellis.

what a bitch! haha.

i like your blog.

Jussi said...

Joke or not, the whole thing is just super strange.

I mean, he's probably the most popular blogger in the FG game and h3e says "A time when people relied on each other for information rather than some blog or forum".

Also, like you Tim, I've ridden a bike my whole life and track bike is just a one (but super fun for sure!) type of bike for me, so maybe that's why I don't really get the whole issue this is supposed to be about.


Anonymous said...

if more people jump from track bikes to road bikes isnt that a good thing?

silly prices on components and frames will go down and it will possible to actually get a "deal" once again instead of having to compete with hypebeast and bandwagon types

i for one would prefer it