Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Islabikes Reis 20": Kids Track Bike

Yes. It is 4REAL, like Richey Manic notoriously expressed it.

Someone emailed me recently asking whether kids-sized track bikes are available anywhere and I told him no, but I was obviously very wrong. And of course they've existed in the past too, like this one here, and the famous custom one here. Anyhow, now your offspring can haz a sweet fixie biek just like daddy haz...

"Experience the thrill of racing on your local velodrome on this real track bike for ambitious young racers. The frame has clearance to accept grass track tyres (sold separately) and will even accept brakes for a cool ‘mini-fixie'"

Buy it HERE.

Konkeli gets mad props for pointing this out.

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Anonymous said...

wow I'm really interseted in buying one. Do they ship in the U.S? and also are there any bike retailers that sell these kids track bikes?