Thursday, March 25, 2010

Walmart $149.00 "Fixed-Speed Bike"

Yeah, here we go, finally the end really is near.

"The new 700C Mongoose Cachet Bike offers the ultimate experience in simplicity and style. Single-speed gearing makes for easy and intuitive riding. Caliper brakes and high-profile colored rims add urban style. 
700C Men's Mongoose Cachet Fixed-Speed Bike:
Aluminum frame with rigid fork
Lightweight and responsive ride
Single speed
Front and rear caliper brakes ensure precise stops
High-profile colored rims add urban style
Assembly required"

Read all about it from Prolly's.


asb said...

Yeah and, like, when wal-mart started to sell $30 skateboards everyone was, like, "skateboarding is gonna die, boohoo!" but what a fucking surprise! Tony Alva is still alive and kids still rip like hell.

Jussi said...

Jaksan aina ihmetellä miten huumorintajuttomia jotkut voi olla.

Tai ehkä sä vaan otat nää pyöräjutut vähän liian vakavasti.