Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Even Kids Can Do It Now: The Mini-Me Fixie

You know how some today's 30-something parents who decline to grow up can get bit weird with their kids? The so-called Mini-Me Syndrome typical of aging hipsters? Some people probably consider me one of those people, BTW. 

Anyhow, look at the picture, it tells more than 1000 words. A kids' fixed gear bike, with Tokyo-style chopped track dropbars and a toptube pad, color coordinated chain and everything. The only thing that's missing is the trispoke front wheel and I really wonder why, 'cos those bmx mag wheels actually are very easy and cheap to score from Ebay. 

I'm just waiting for my baby daughter to grow up a little bit still, not this summer but maybe next year...  


Tim said...

heh, that's a pretty funny bike... I saw it at bf as well; kinda ridiculously deep drops for a child sized bike, no?

anyway... with any luck you may start seeing a lot more people posting here soon, now that a sizable # of BFSSFG members are getting banned or booted.


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I want one of these cycles for my little daughter, seriously, this stuff is so lovely.