Friday, April 25, 2008

More MASH SF Bike News: Emi's Bike Stolen

While I was checking out the MASH SF blog I just noticed that Emi's Leader bike has been stolen a week or so ago in SOMA, SF.

Very conveniently my homie Hennessy is currently in SF and he was going to bring a new bike home when he returns, I wonder if he knows anything about this.... just kidding, he's buying some Cannondale MTB which I don't really know anything about.

But I was a little surprised to notice that Emi's bike was actually a Leader. Those are very cost-effective aluminium track frames but nothing wrong with that, I guess. Except that maybe it's bit funny really that that HED3 frontwheel is probably worth more €€€ than the rest of the bike. 

Anyhow, it seems that the bikes from MASH movie are getting bit special, one being for sale, other stolen etc. I wonder where they will eventually all end up?

But here's one more nice outtake from the movie itself:


Tim said...

MASH gets boring very quickly

Anonymous said...

Emi sucks.

Anonymous said...

stolen bike? Doing my searches for a leader fixie. Orange county craigslist maybe a site for ya to check out 7/15/09

Everything is different in the morning said...

The bike he rides in the Movie is a pista concept.

which was apparently also stolen. I'm surprised about the leader thing too...mainly because you get what you paid for. which isn't much.