Friday, April 11, 2008

Jonathan's MASH SF Cannondale For Sale

After posting the link to the MASH SF movie download (which I found somewhere) yesterday I was clicking around a bit on their website and came across the ad below in their blog. Apparently Jonathan is selling his Cannondale Tarck Bike (tm), no, more than that, an epitome of a Tarck bike, see the ad below. Well, it's a nice bike for sure and it's been made (in)famous by the movie, I guess, but the price is kinda STEEEEEEP

Like, come on, 1200 bucks for a beat up whip like that? By watching the movie you know that the bike's been through a lot. And there's isn't even an Aerospoke or a HED trispoke included in the deal...  Anyhow, for a gear whore like myself it's interesting to read the specs of the bike. 

And from the specs we learn interesting things like, "oversize plastic cages are best for SMALL sneakers!" Well, somehow I always though that those big MTB cages were best for bigger sneakers. Another point to note is that the bike has a Phil Wood bottom bracket, which is very cool, but, it's with JIS taper. Then the bike has Sugino 75 crankset, also quite nice, which uses the European standard ISO taper. This can be bit problematic because in the long term the mismatched taper standards will cause the cranks to be end up being fucked-up, if you trust someone like Sheldon Brown (RIP). But what do I know, 'cos yeah, you don't see me riding in the MASH SF movie. 

Anyway, personally I'd spend my money much rather on this instead, but that's just me. 
Those early 1990s Cannondale alu-track bikes are pretty sought after but whether that's because they're good, or because of the Mash posse riding them, that's another issue. 

So I'd say: NOT worth it. Sorry, dude. 
But whatever, somebody is gonna buy it anyway I'm sure. 


56cm CC 1992 or 93 Cannondale Frame w/ Steel Fork
1 1/8" Chris King Threaded Headset
90mm Salsa Front Loading Stem
40cm B021 Nitto Bullhorns
Phil Wood 109 JIS Taper BB
165 Sugino Cranks w/ 49t Chainring
MKS Pedals with oversize plastic Cages (The best for smaller sneakers!)
Toshi Black Double Straps
Soma Seat Post
Blue Perforated San Marcos Turbo (Discontinued)
Front wheel has machined Silver Velocity Deep V to a Phil Wood 32h Silver hub (Radially Laced)
Rear wheel has an 'Asphalt' non-machined Velocity Deep V to a Phil Wood 32h Silver Hub (3x Laced)
16t Phil Wood Cog
SRAM PC-7X Chain (with Half Link)

$1200.00 plus shipping



Tim said...

that mismatched crank/bb-taper should create problems in the longrun... yep.

one thing I'm curious about... what that bike was used for with that gearing, I find it mighty hard to believe they're bombing SF hills on it.

MASH is fun to watch and all... but it's also hype-tastic.

Anonymous said...

The crank/BB-taper is, like the vast majority of pics of hipster machines with way too tight chains, the most common misunderstandings on all www.
Phil's specs are slightly idiosyncratic. For background on JIS/ISO: sq. taper was invented by Stronglight in the late 40s. They didn't attempt to patent the system and a bunch of other makers produced similar products quickly. 'JIS' is actually the inheritor of all those early attempts and as such a bit loose for a standard, which is why you can't normally spec a JIS BB properly without naming the maker. The ISO BB standard was introduced in the 70s and really works but unfortunately only Campag really bother
with it.

Young jZ said...

Thanks for the knowledgeable comments, guys.

The mismatching tapers are obviously a minor issue but I just don't get it why would someone use a 'wrong' taper when they could just as easily used a right one in the first place when building the bike, just to get the chainline right if for nothing else but whatever.

And yeah, the gear ratio is higher than I would expect when you need to go up those hills too...

Anonymous said...

Hej I would like to buy the bike for 1200 dollars plus shipping

Anonymous said...

^ Dude, I think it's sold already. Long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Ok, i just saw your blogspot.
I know this is years ago but wtf?
Seems like you don't know what a cannondale track is.

Id pay 1200 bugs plus shipping just to get that fucking frame!
Its one of the best Frames EVER build.
It can handle all kinds rough riding and is absolutely beautiful, its my dream to ride an Cannondale Track or a Cinelli Lazer.

My local bike shop gots a lazer, but of course its not for sale...