Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kanye West Buys A Tarck Bike, again.

Fixed Gear just keeps on growing and growing and even hip celebrities, who probably would like to consider themselves street credible or something, are finally catching up. One of the first famous persons to ride an road bike converted to a fixed gear bike in public was the skateboarder guru cum actor Jason Lee who was spotted participating in a group night ride in his home town, Hollywood, LA already ages ago. Then soon after Heath Ledger died, some pics of him riding a similar road bike FG conversion popped up somewhere on some web-forums. 
Well, around about same time someone had spotted Kanye West shopping for a new ride in the king of all the fixed gear boutiques, Track Star on Lower East Side, NYC, and the blogs were immediately all over it. Kanye also kept it very bling bling and bought the most expensive and fanciest track bike Track Star had in their selection, a Cinelli Vigorelli. 

As if that wasn’t enough, now he’s apparently had The Brooklyn Machine Works build a specia bike specially for him. It’s pretty much a typical Tarck Bike, or a BMX bike for an adult, with a glow-in-the-dark paint too. The name of the bike model is apparently Gangsta Track. What can you say? It’s not excatly my preferred style of bike. And when can we expect him to ride it on a video clip, and do so rad barspinz while pulling an eternal wheelie while rapping at the same time? 

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Tim said...

eh, they've got nothing on Clapton and his rumored collection of Kalavinkas; I doubt he's tarcked them out though (or, desperately hope he hadn't).