Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tarck Bike Trickz Galore! in MASH SF Outtake

You've seen the Mash SF movie already, haven't you? If not, it's still here for you.

And you noticed how Jonathan is selling his Cannondale, right? Which appears to be still unsold, BTW. 

Well, as often is the case, apparently many cuts didn't make it into the actual movie, the clip above is a really cool outtake, in which Mike (the movie maker Mike Martin, himself, maybe?) shows more bmx-style trickz on both the scooter and on a bike than all the riders combined in the the whole official cut of the film. Nice one there, mate!

PS. I also noticed that the MASH SF peeps threatened to get all unofficial MASH SF clips off Youtube soon so enjoy this while it still lasts. 

1 comment:

Tim said...

as much as I generally find the whole "bmx freestyle on fixed gears" thing pretty stupid, there's something charming about that outtake...