Monday, May 5, 2008

One Less Fixie

I go away for a couple of days, and what happens?

'The Great May Day Ban' happens. 

The Bikeforum's SSFG (that's Single Speed & Fixed Gear, of course) subforum goes a bit mad, the mods act like crazed nazis about some OT:silliness and threaten to shut down the whole forum and eventually a lot of the good forum members who've made it such a great & fun place get banned for a month of something. Now the n00bs who apparently cannot use a search function rule with their ever-repeating questions about converting old road bikes. Like FTW?

I'm dedicating this post to all our banned brothers & sisters. 

Stay Strong & Gear Up!

* * * 

On a more positive note, on friday I went to check out our local Velodrome which has just opened for the summer and raced a good couple of laps but since I was so excited that I forgot to take any photos, I will blog about the Helsinki Velodrome later.  

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T_M said...

don't worry, many of the BFSSFG ex-pats are now over in the forum at

it only started in the last few days, so there isn't a huge amount of content yet, but it's been growing quickly.

oh right, and you can cuss and go OT at tarckbike without concern.