Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Easy DIY Double Straps For Cheapskates

You want those cool double straps for your pedals but don't want to sell your kidney to get Toshis (which are the best BTW but you all already know this...)? Or Erribi Sprints or even just MKS? 

You don't really trust Soma double straps because people on forums say they're no good? IMO there's nothing wrong with Somas, I use them myself but I gotta agree that they probably won't last that long. 

Anyhow, check out the picture for a solution of getting the benefits of double straps for almost no-budget. Blickblocks drew the nice illustration (thanks!) and it's really easy as you can see. 

Just get a pair of those cheap resin/plastic MTB cages, which are great for riding in bigger sneakers too, and two pairs of cheap nylon (or leather if you prefer) straps and set them up crossed like in the picture and you're good to go. These won't be as cool & fancy the more expensive real double straps but Blickblocks' DIY solution will work just fine.