Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kuwahara Robbery In Kauniainen

This local news flash has noting to do with FG or SS bikes as such but still, here we go:

The Espoo Police Department is looking for people who might know something about a 20-something dude with a black hoodie who was seen riding the pictured Kuwahara MTB in Kauniainen last saturday.

Why, you might ask? Is it because those cheap 1990s MTBs suck, or because being a 20-something dude with a black hoodie, he should have been riding a tad bit more trendier/contemporary type of bike?

No, that's not the answer. It's because he rode the bike to a Jewellery store at the Mall in Kauniainen's centre, went in, threatened the staff with a hammer, robbed the place by grabbing dozens of expensive gold chains worth of thousands of Euros and ran away. 

And yeah, he ran instead of riding the Kuwahara which was left behind. And of course the cops have no leads on the stick-up kid, only the blue bike. 

But maybe he needed cash to buy a new Bianchi Pista?

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