Friday, May 30, 2008

So You Want A Custom Panasonic NJS Keirin Track Frame? With Color & Size Of Your Own Choice?

Yup, you read the title right. A Panasonic NJS certified Keirin / Track frameset made with Tange Double Butted Tubing and most importantly with the sizing & color of your own choice - even a BIG frame, delivered directly from the factory in Japan to your home door, for only 1000USD. 

Deathare & Koteigear have set up a blog shop ('blogshop', did I just invent a new word? where you can make your specific order, hand over your hard-earned dough and they'll take care of the rest. Just like that. 

Here's info from the site:

"Here you can order a new, semi-custom NJS Panasonic frameset at a great price. $1000 delivered to your door in the USA from Japan. (For delivery to other countries, please contact for a quote.) Only PayPal payments are accepted. All questions should be directed to

What do you get for your money?
A new Panasonic NJS track frame in the exact size you want. You can choose from 23 different colors, 4 different logo colors and even have your name put on the frame, in a variety of fonts, if you so desire. (Japanese Hiragana is also available.) The frameset includes a Tange Vantage NJS headset and has chromed, forged track and fork ends. All this comes straight from Panasonic in Japan.

Steps for ordering:
1. Choose a frame size from the chart below.
2. Choose a frame color from the color chart below.
3. Choose logo size and color from images below.
4. Choose font for your name on the frame if you desire this option.

So basically they're using the Panasonic's POS (Personal Order System? I don't speak Japanese...) from which anyone can order these frames but ONLY in Japan and ONLY in Japanese. So that's pretty fair deal, I guess. And as an additional bonus the color choices available are super fresh, aaahh!

So if you're ordering from them, tell them where you read about their blog and if there's eventually enough of you coming from here, maybe those guys will give me one for free? The power of teh Interwebz network marketing and all that, right? 

Anyhow, after this it's kind of a matter of opinion whether you should order your frame from these guys or whether you should get a custom Ocean street track frame made to your measures. Ocean offers bit more options, even cooler colors but is also costs a little bit more. It's also a smaller company than the National/Panasonic conglomerate so some could choose to rather support them instead. 

Or, if you are in Europe like me, you could get a Bob Jackson custom frame made for you, or, or, or... well, you know. 


Here's a low quality scan of the Panasonic color chart to those of you who are interested: