Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More MASH SF News: Emi's Leader Bike Is Back.

As I wrote earlier, MASH SF's Emi's tarkced out Leader bike was apparently stolen couple of weeks back in SOMA, SF. Well, now some extra secret interwebz sources have revealed that he has actually gotten the bike back somehow since that. Which is very nice.

At the same time the other stolen bikes I've blogged about here, and here, have not found their way back to their rightful owners, unfortunately. Someone even reported somewhere on that Emma's black Vivalo was actually seen somewhere near Brick Lane ridden by some chavvy youths. Fuck that, some serious D-lock justice is really needed if things go like that. 

Anyhow, to celebrate Emi's victory over the lowlifescumbagjunkiebikethieves, I posted above picture of his other (previous?) bike, a super tarcked-out Bianchi Pista Concept, which looks at least to me waaaay nicer than the Leader. 


Anonymous said...

Emi's ego is larger than life. He treats girls like shit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah , Emi is a douche bag and MASH sucked.

keep riding said...

anonymous = haterrrrrs.