Monday, May 26, 2008

Cinelli Mystic Rats Street Fixed Gear Bike?!?!

This news just came in:

It looks like the venerable CINELLI of Milano, Italy, is coming out with a new bike model. So what's the fuss about that? Well, it's kind of a street fixed gear bike AKA Tarck Bike AND apparently it is called 'MYSTIC RATS'.  

Like WTF?

"Single speed, switch from free wheel to fixed gear for unforgettable mystic emotions on road and track, thanks to the exclusive reversible 16 teeth flip flop rear hub. 
Columbus light alloy compact super frame, fork rake 35. 
Cromoly special track"

Basically the bike and the component set-up doesn't look half bad, except that it's made out of aluminium alloy instead of proper Columbus steel tubing and the parts have funny names like 'Bootleg Mystic'. In fact, the whole bike looks a lil' bit too much like last years' matte black Cannondale Capo to me. 

Cino Cinelli must be turning in his grave. Or, is he even dead  yet? I dunno. 


T_M said...

It's an odd looking bike, I'll give you that...

to be fair to Cinelli, the Vigorelli is also Columbus aircraft aluminum.

Looking at the other bikes in that particular subsection of the Cinelli lineup, I figure the Mystic Rats is fairly tame.

Young jZ said...

If you think about the heritage of Cinelli and the fact that they are on the other hand still making a frameset like the Super Corsa Pista, the Mystic Rats or whatever is really really lame, me thinks,

Anonymous said...

Supercorsa pista costs 1400 euro just the frame .. and the concept is to be used on track --- mystic and vigorelli are made also to be nice on the road in the urban chaos.. and they cost 650 euro for vigorelli and 450 for the mystic... parts are made from miche and they marked bootleg by contract and they cost a lot matter fact model 2009 has sugino parts ( less cost ) including the wheels wheels costs 250 euro just by themselves) i have 10 track bikes i use to ride on track in my 20s and now i have fun doin alleys in milano since i live here and i can assure u.. mystic isn't a bad bike at all

ciao to all