Monday, May 12, 2008

My Hipster Machine Fixie Tarck Bike

Yo! Check this out. It's the latest incarnation of my old XB3 Soviet fixie, in a new totally cool tarck bike mode. With a poor-man's 650c Aerospoke in the front and all. 

This bike will be only ridden to get me from my HQ in one gentrifying former working class inner-city district of Helsinki to a bar, coffee house or a club in another even trendier and already pretty much gentrified former working class inner-city district of Helsinki. 

Required accessories: as big as possible Chrome Messenger bag, a mini D-lock tucked on belt, one pant leg rolled up, expensive sneakers and a 70s retro cycling cap. H8ers need not apply. 

I'm still looking for that red toptube pad, though. An old school 1980s BMX one would be preferred, let me know if have one and are willing to part with it, ok?


The bike, the trispoke wheel and all the parts have been sold ages ago, ok?

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