Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Ultimate Fixie Hipster Head Accessory: Cinelli Leather Helmet

Are you often thinking about buying a cycling helmet, after all those years of riding without one, but somehow find it very difficult to actually go and buy one? Maybe you even have a cycling helmet in your cupboard that you bought on one of those weak moments but you never use it because they always look like shit?

Yeah, I feel for you. 

Better yet, I found a perfect solution for you. Mario from Holland has for sale on Ebay this super cool fixed gear hipster head accessory. NOS vintage Cinelli leather old shool helmet like these simply cannot be resisted, especially if you're riding a classic Italian track bike, right? And as everybody already knows, Italian vintage Pista bikes are the new Keirin bikes, right? And if a helmet looks this hot & sexy, who cares if it probably doesn't even protect your head that much in case of collision with something hard. 

And if the 1980s- styled black & neon purple color combo is not your thing or it doesn't match your bike, he has this, and this too for sale. And they're not very expensive either, IMHO.

But seriously, I've actually bought some stuff from this Ebay-seller in the past and he was a good dude and he does have some nice parts for sale at all times so check out his selection. 

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Anonymous said...

Indeed Mario rules. I have ordered my pedals from him. Good stuff.

But please link to because Mario is from Holland, and we Dutch dun like the .de