Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mack Custom Track Hubs

I'm starting to get excited as my new Mack hubs are about to arrive any day now.

Mack fixed hubs? Yep, custom per-order (semi-?)handmade track hubs from Poland. Sealed bearings, single or double fixed, low or high flange, any spoke hole drilling you might want, twelve anodizing colors to choose from at no extra cost. Also, the rear hub design is symmetric on both single and double fixed hubs to make lacing very simple.

All the reviews I've come across so far have been very positive and Maciej Wydra AKA Mr. Mack has in fact been making custom hubs already for years. His hubs have also been sold under the Gromada brand name.

Obviously his hubs design is quite close to the famous Phil Wood track hubs but Mack hubs are supposed to be lighter than Phils. And finally his prices are not too bad either for custom stuff and even the shipping prices are very reasonable. I'll post a full review once my order arrives.

"Track hubs:

- Front low flange (45mm) – 50 Euro
- Rear low flange single fixed (50mm) – 67 Euro
- Rear low flange flip-flop (50mm) – 78
- Front high flange (75mm) – 72 Euro
- Rear high flange single fixed (75mm) – 89 Euro
- Rear high flange (75mm) – 100 Euro

Anodized colors: blue, red, silver, yellow, purple, orange, gold, teal, grey, black, pink, green.

Guarantee – 2 years (excluding bearings)."

For orders & more info:

SE Landing Gear 26" Fork

Still looking for that barspinnable 700c fork to withstand all those mad trickzzz? 

I guess you could do much worse than getting a SE Landing Gear fork in 26" size. At least that fork has some serious old school BMX pedigree to make it stand out at least a little bit from the pack. 

Oil War?

Friday, January 30, 2009

S3X 3-Speed Fixed Gear Hub Colors

I almost forgot about the new version of the very legendary Sturmey Archer S3X Fixed Gear 3 Speed hub. The project seems to be advancing, the future color options are pictured above, for again for your color-coordination enjoyment. 

And remember that Sheldon Brown loved it.

Grand Theft Velo III: Elm City

Grand Theft Velo III. May 16th, 2009. New Haven, CT. (USA).

SoCal Desert Pool Trip

No Cassettes Webisode 1 from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Here's a video. The place looks cool, especially the pipe.  

But dude, your SUV/4x4 pickup/whatever monster truck got stuck on that road and you had to hike like HALF A MILE UP THE ROAD?! Carrying your bikes? WTF?

Sorry, I just had to say that. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vintage Italian Saddles

The pic above is my homage to John Prolly who loves, wrecks and haz plenty of Selle Turbo saddles as well as copies of those. Hey bro, I got sum of 'em too!   

Anyhow, while Turbo is nice & comfy, I personally think that a NOS black suede San Marco Concor Supercorsa looks nicer and way speedier. Oh, and they even reissued it recently.  

Colorful 700x24c Hipster Tyres From Halo

Halo has some new tyres out for your color-coordination enjoyment:

Halo have decided to develop a specific tyre for that messengers High quality casing with a good value steel bead and extra thick long lasting tread – featuring the Halo patented Twin Rail design format. Fitted with an anti-puncture strip for added durability out on the mean streets. Easy to skid, and long lasting…

Plus at 700x24C these innovative tyres will slip into most tight clearance frames. 700x24C"

You can get them here, or from Ebay or wherever. These new ones are also about half the price of those Dia Compes.

Tokyo Night Time Bike Style

MKE Trick Fixie

So here it is, straight off John Prolly's, the Milwaukee Trick Fixie (TM). Still just a prototype apparently but well, to each their own. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Need That Rossin Jacket

Please readers, I know you love me so now is your time to help me out. I NEED that Rossin cycling jacket on Ebay so that I can wear it while cruising on my new whip next summer. 

However, I'm not prepared to pay 90+ bucks for it. Not even close to that. So feel free to Paypal me any or all of your money, thanks!

Ok, my size would be more like M than L but still, it's so cool.

Tokyo Bike Style - A Different Take

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Helsinki Tour de Tourist - Saturday 7th Feb 2009

Eki & Toni from got all impressed and inspired with the London Tweed Run. 

So, as a consequence there will be Helsinki Tour de Tourist group ride on Saturday 7th of February

The theme is obviously Cyclotourism and the ride will stop at some of the most important sights (like the Käpylä Velodrome) of our lovely city and in the end there will be refreshments and maybe even a barbeque afterwards. Everybody be there!

Facebook event info is in here.

Vivalo Track Bike

Nice & clean looking bike there, at Pedal Consumption.

But hey, why the non-driveside pic, FAIL. Just kidding.

So What About This?

Uuuh, that's a pretty ugly bike, right? 

A horror hipster fixie conversion from the Fixed Gear Gallery or Velospace or somewhere. Bikesnob NYC would write something witty, yet quite nasty, about the fake arrospok stolen from some granny's wheelchair, those hipster cysts, the funky Paisley seat cover and all that. 

But what if I told you that the bike is actually on 20" wheels and converted from Italian children's mini-road bike? And that it was built for a five year old? You'd look again? 

Monday, January 26, 2009

How-To Wiki: Stop A Fixed Gear Bicycle

"So, you've decided to jump on the fixed gear bicycle trend. Good for you. Now here's the bad news: unless you learn how to stop one of these brakeless wonders, you're pretty much dead. Here's how to slow your roll on a bike with no breaks.


When you have worn a bare spot in your tire and you get a flat while trying to balance your collection of Macbooks in your messenger bag, you will probably fall, slide under a delivery van, and get killed. Be sure to specify who you want to inherit your Paul cranks, Brooks saddle, and Chris King headset... you don't want that stuff going into probate."


Now, I'm against all types of violence, aggression or damaging property, be it your own or someone else's. But yeah, these are those unfortunate moments everyone experiences while riding a city in the city traffic... 

So, check out what some crafty & clever art students came up with:

This clever little intention is by two devilishly brilliant students at University of the Arts here in Philadelphia. Keying up your enemy's car just got way more fun. This may also prevent asshole drivers to think twice before cutting you off or driving too close when they have plenty of room!"

Pics For Monday

Just because all these three tarck bikes are incredible/awesome.  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nitto Candy Bars & Stems

Rene's got a new batch of custom painted Nitto handlebars & stems for sale up on his site now. Be quick, they look super-yummy with all that rame-glitter. 

I Love Dust Illustrations

I like these. (From Fubiz via Prolly.)

One Down

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Olli's Metalspoke Wheel Copied!

I was checking out some photos from the Tokyo Hand-made Bicycle Fair 2009 and couldn't help noticing how someone had copied Olli's original wheel-design!