Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 'Ketjukirje' Zine 1/09

Helsinki Messenger Massive and came out with a proper old school style 'zine recently. 'Ketjukirje' stands for 'chain letter' for yo'all. So nice. It's currently NOT available online, only from the right people at the right time, in the right place. Also, even yours truly is in it. Keeping it O.G., YO! ;)

ZLOGCAT // Seattle Sat October 3rd

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Washington D.C. POV Ride

Cyclope Paris x Rigida DP18

Some new limited edition colored Rigida DP18 rims from Cyclope Paris, and for a good price too. If you visit them, make sure to pic some up. I would, anyway.

Happy Gothenburg

The city of Gotheburg, in Sweden, wants to make more of their citizen ride a bike with this video. I like it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

'BOMA Ye Mon'

Like whoa! From here.


* * *


Hyötypyöräilyn tulevaisuus Suomen kaupungeissa

Torstaina 1.10.2009 klo 17-19
Eduskunnan pikkuparlamentin Kansalaisinfossa
Arkadiankatu 3

- Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston tutkija Kalle Vaismaa:
Pyöräily ja kävely osaksi kaupunkien liikennejärjestelmää.

- Helsingin kaupunkisuunnitteluviraston toimistopäällikkö Leena Silfverberg:
Polkupyöräilyyn edistämiseen liittyvät lainsäädännön muutostarpeet.

- Pyöräilykuntien verkoston puheenjohtaja Markku Lahtinen:
Polkupyöräilyä edistävän kaavoituksen ja väylien merkitys.

- Fillarikonsultit esittelevät: Työmatkapyöräilyn ideapakki.
Miten lisätä työmatkapyöräilyä työantajan ja työntekijän näkökulmasta.

Alustusten jälkeen yleisökeskustelua.

Tilaisuuden avaa kansanedustaja Johanna Sumuvuori ja juontaa toimittaja Anna Laine.

Vihreä eduskuntaryhmä & Helsingin vihreiden pyöräilytyöryhmä.


Martti Tulenheimo
Kansanedustaja Ville Niinistön avustaja
martti . tulenheimo ÄT eduskunta . fi
(09) 432 4074

* * *

Pic For Monday

Tires For Champs

I didn't know such cool tires even existed?! Michelin Axial in World Champion Stripe colors. And don't ask me where to get these because if I knew, I'd already bought ALL of them. ;)

Glow In The Dark

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

At Interbike

Not the best pics but these might interest some of you, Bianchi Super Pista, Pista Classica and cool Geekhouse cyclocross bike. The double 'spoks on the Super Pista are bit much, though.

Snatched from Urban Velo image dump 1 and 2.

Trick Sessions in Tokyo During The CMWC 2009

flat fix komazawa park session from jun iwai on Vimeo.

The Trick contest at Meiji Park of tokyo 9/21 2009 from on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lap At The Track

Helsinki Velodrome (last rides for the season) from Miglos on Vimeo.
Here's your special chance to experience (almost full) 400 metres of the Helsinki velodrome with Miglos, who's riding my old Sannino Pursuit, actually. Kind of a virtual reality tour in a way.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kalavinka X Adidas

I've said it before: I've always loved old school Adidas, I dig Keirin bikes and I even think HED trispokes are somewhat cool.

But somehow I do NOT love this hideous creation.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And now something little different:

16 tricktrack grrls from China !!!

Rizr Rblz !

Yay! Blickblocks did the customizin'...

CMWC Tokyo Sugino 75 Special

Sugino's Special CMWC Tokyo 75s.

And while we're on the subject, good luck to BC HELLsinki's very own Paavo in Tokyo !!!

Pic For Tuesday

Be warned. She's fast and would leave all of us girly-pants wearing weak-ass fixters eating dust in about two seconds, be it street, track or off-road.

GORilla Kilroy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Bike Appreciation

Despite the name of this blog and everything, geared bikes can be kinda cool...

What to do with that busted Oury grip

VéLOrue Trailer #2

VéLOrue Trailer 2 from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

As a small side note, the trailer here looks great and all but I cannot help thinking that its style, with all the slo-mo, color filtering and the type of music playing, both VélOrue trailers so far remind me tad bit too much of Macaframa. But looking good nonetheless.

Pics For Monday

Moar pics at the Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan blog here.

Building A RIH Bicycle

Mike's film from the famous RIH custom framebuilding studio in Amsterdam.

"RIH was formed in 1921 by the Bustraan brothers in Amsterdam Holland. The name RIH is for the name of an Arabian stallion ridden by one of the characters in a Karl May novel which was very popular at the time (and still are in Europe). RIH's first championship was in 1924 when Jan Hijzelendoorn (a butcher) rode a Bustraan brothers frame to the sprint and 1 kilometer titles in the Dutch National Champions. In 1928 the firm moved to its present address in Jordaan district of Amsterdam.

Also in 1928 Willem Bustraan Jr joined the business with his father and Uncle. In 1948 Wim van der Kaaij joined the RIH business as an apprentice, he is the current owner of RIH It is estimated that RIH frames have been ridden to over 350 national championships in both road and track events and 63 World- and Olympic titles."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gridlock LOLleycat Race // Helsinki Wed 23.09.2009

A race for all of us Helsinki fixie hipsters, fakengers & posengers...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bianchi Pista Classica 2010

First the new Super Pista and now there's even more new exciting stuff from Bianchi USA: Pista Classica, steel frameset with chromed lugs, ends and bb shell, and even a straight fork. Looking good!

'Courier companies should pay more attention to their employees and dress them in the most fashionable way...'

Pretty funny stuff here.

"Bike couriers are the least glamorous and often hardest working people around. Photographer Ruud Baan and Holland’s JFK Magazine have teamed together for a ‘Bike Courier’ editorial that is turning that stereotype on its head.

Featuring smokin’ hot model Simon de Boekers, Baan, according to, thought “that courier companies should pay more attention to their employees and dress them in the most fashionable way, believing that image counts.” Using bicycle manufacturing firm Raar to get them moving, the ‘Bike Courier’ editorial turns couriers from drab to fab!"

Thanks to RaFu for finding this!

LFGSS Track Day #4

LFGSS Track Day 4 from RockSteady! on Vimeo.

Femalley Cat // Denver 31.10.09

For ladiez only! Read more here.

At The Track

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The original was here.

Did You Know This?

bicycle with limited equipment, that is, no brakes, no derailleur (no gears) and no freewheel."

Inclined oval course that is 250 m long (short track) or 333.33 m or 400 m long (long tracks) and whose width varies from 7 to 9 m."

Props to Miglos for discovering these gems.


Yeah, what? Apparently the time trial Benotto below is equipped with some 'Gamagoolo' parts...

Good Times On Tour '92


Bike Thief vs Street Justis from triple on Vimeo.

From Urban Cyclist via Prolly.

"Here's the story. I was having brunch on first ave and first street with a a couple of friends including Alfred .It was a pretty sunny day and a good there was a good amount of pedestrian traffic .Nothing unusual. Alfred went out to make a call and spotted someone looking over his bike. Nothing unusual ,he got a hot ass cannondale with hot ass wheels.the guy was average looking,had a helmet and a bag.looked like your average joe casual biker.Suddenly this dude gets on his knees and pulls out a drill.At first Alfred thought he wanted to steal his wheels,until he saw the drill.Is this what it has come out to?!people stealing bike with drills?Anyways as he was getting ready to drill the ulock,Alfred comes in the restaurant and yells,!yooooo someones trying to steal my bike,lets go get him.and let me tell you this ass hole tried stealing the wrong bike.first it was a bike messengers bike and second it was Alfred's bike and the motherFkr got a temper we roll out to this dude and start pounding first instinct was to get my U lock and bang on him,but my bike was already locked up so , we bumbrushed this dude and started pounding him.Everybody is watching and wondering why this dude is being plumeted ,but at that point we don't give a fuck.we had to make sure this asshole dosen't do it personal i have had 2 bikes stolen,in like a month apart.fuck that shit.he did't even look like a bike thief!so while pounding him i reach out to put my phone in my pocket and realized i had a camera on my wait.i pulled it out and captured the second half of the beating!

Sorry it's so hard to read, but you get the idea."

Pic For Wednesday