Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Dodici 40mm Deep Aero Rims

Dodici & Vintage Pista boys strike again with a brand new super aero track rim design straight outta Italy.

The rims are 40.5mm deep, no machined braking surface (of course not, come on now...), 3 internal chambers, should weight about 700gr and will be available in 16-28-32-36 hole drillings.

The best thing about the rims, besides the slightly lower weight in comparison to the previous generation Dodici rim model, is probably the fact that they use normal external nipples so that you can actually build the wheels and true them without taking everything apart. So these are looking pretty good, I guess.

Check here for more info.


thisjustin said...

These dodici rims look sweet. I especially love the drilling hole options. Anyone know where I can pick up a set?

Jussi said...

get from Vintage Pista directly, or from Ebay where they also their products: