Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chrome Warsaw In Action

New Chrome backpack, I guess? Anyhow, I have a baby daughter but I'm not sure whether she would agree to stay in a bag like that. 


rafu said...

Fair enough, Daddy has a nice brand new bag, rides brakeless and therefore is cool but still, a helmet on that cute kiddie's head wouldn't be a bad thing.. :|

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ... would somebody report this asshole to the cops already? Or is it going to take his damn kid's brains on the pavement before he realizes what a reckless douche he is?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, yeah i noticed that too. But i bet he doesn't ride far or really at all with the kid like that. Unless he does then he is crazy and that kid should be placed in the custody of my warsaw bag with a snowmobile helmet! Ganstar, kid in the bag!

Anonymous said...

the daddy strap his girl on his back just to showoff his new bag. she is not a chewawa for godsake.
thanks for sharing your love to your daughter... um... is she really yours?