Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bianchi USA 2009 Line-Up

Is here.  And this year the Pista seems to come with flat bar, and no foot-retention whatsoever. Ok, the old one with drop bars & no brakes is still there too. 


asb said...

No foot retention! What are they thinking! And look at the HOC and C2C models! They don't even have pedals at all!!!

Seriously dude, drop the overzealous Pista bashing. It makes you look silly. The pedals you see there are showroom test ride pedals. What you do when you buy a Pista (or any other kind of "performance" bicycle) is that you select the bike and the kind of pedals you like: straps, clipless, road, mountainMTB, shinmano, crank bros, time, look, whatever.

Jussi said...

yes, you're absolutely right.

But isn't it bit funny that they should have the exact same bike with flat bar, front & back brakes and simple flat pedals, as well as again the SAME bike with track drops & no brakes, and with flat pedals?

There's nothing wrong Pista as a bike either, it's a super-nice ride. I just hope everyone who buys it will understand to get proper pedals for his/her new bike...

Anonymous said...

Duh, brakes front AND back? Looks like this flat bar version is meant to be used as single speed and would explain the lack of toe clips..

Also, older Bianchi Pista frames weren't drilled for back brakes.. Darwinism? ;)