Saturday, September 20, 2008

All White Vittoria Randonneurs

I don't really get why lots of people are really into white tires. Usually they don't look so nice after the first ride but whatever. 

All white Vittoria Randonneurs (700x28) are apparently now available in Japan. 


Zach Bossington said...

white tires are like teeth. They only look good if you keep em clean.

Anonymous said...

They do look fresh though. There's only one way to keep them that way though - don't ride.

Anonymous said...

white tires are just another ghey attempt of trying to stand out from the

Rene said...

You must have never tried them guys!
I should post a pic of mine after 3 weeks use....still looks lovely!!
Only 2500 yen over here! I love Japan.

jörge said...

Got no problem with white or creme, it's like fenders or no fenders, please make them in 700-35c