Monday, September 15, 2008

Alien Track Frameset GROUP BUY!

Right, I've been posting stuff about those Alien frames here and I agree they do look pretty decent, especially for the price. It's lugged with proper forged Long-Shen lugs, the tubing is supposed to be ok (double butted Cro-Mo) and the geometry is nice and tight, the way it should be. 

Well, this where it gets even better:

Jamal from the bikeforums has helped to set up a special 2009 BFSSFG group buy of the Alien frames with a very nice price, 300 USD + shipping, international shipping is also available. Only two colors (or unpainted) available, otherwise it's just like the regular frame they sell, only 185 USD cheaper than normal price

Note that the closing date is September 30th, OR when the 100 frames available are all reserved. So make up your mind now. 

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